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Compact Jump Starter: Featured Image

Compact Jump Starter: New Powerful Compact Battery Booster

It would be easy to assume a compact jump starter that uses new lithium-ion battery technology has less power than one of its lead-acid counterparts, but your assumption is probably off-base.  A new lithium compact jump starter designed for larger engines has
Wheeled Battery Charger: Featured Image

Wheeled Battery Charger: Top Rated Manual Wheeled Battery Charger Tester

A wheeled battery charger is a valuable tool that can keep operations flowing at car dealerships and other fleet operations.  A wheeled battery charger, that also has built-in emergency starting, trickle charging, and the capability to analyze electrical and starting system
Solar Boat Battery Charger Featured Image

Solar Boat Battery Charger: Top 5 Best Rated 100 Watt Solar Panel Chargers

Few environments are more off the grid and depend more on batteries than the marine environment.  That makes a solar boat battery charger an essential part of any boat’s gear.  A solar boat battery charger can keep your starting or trolling
Harley Battery Tender Featured Image

Harley Battery Tender: Best Motorcycle Battery Tender Charger Maintainer

You don’t ride your bike during the winter and probably not as often as you would like to other times.  While your Harley is sitting its battery is discharging.  To stop the discharge, maintain your battery at peak efficiency, and make
Gift Ideas for Dad Featured Image

Gift Ideas for Dad: 10 Unique Dad Approved Gift Ideas  

When it comes to gift ideas for Dad, Dads are tough.  Their most common refrain when asked about a gift is “I don’t need anything.”  The reason Dads do this is because they usually buy things they want for themselves when
Car Battery Jumper Featured Image

Car Battery Jumper: Top 5 Highest Rated New Lithium Battery Jump Starters Winter 2017

You want to buy a new technology lithium car battery jumper and it’s easy to see why.  A lithium car battery jumper is compact, lightweight, packs a powerful battery boosting punch, and to top it off comes with the additional capability
CTEK Featured Image

Best Car Battery Charger: Best 12V Vehicle Charger 2016

What is the best car battery charger for your car or truck?  The best car battery charger should do more than just charge your battery.  It must also be fully automatic, be able to maintain the battery once it’s charged unattended
Black and Decker Featured Image

Trickle Charger for Motorcycle: Best Value Motorcycle Charger and Maintainer

Motorcycles are more likely than other vehicles to be stored in the wintertime and because of that they need a trickle charger for motorcycle to keep the battery in good shape while they are stored.  The new models of trickle charger
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Gift Amazon Prime: Best Friend Family Entertainment Gift Ever!

If you have friends or family on your gift list and you’re not quite sure what to buy them, gift Amazon Prime.  When you gift Amazon Prime you’re giving a gift that will provide your friends or family with ongoing benefits that
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4 Bank Battery Charger: 3 Top Rated 4-Bank Onboard Battery Chargers

If you need a 4 bank battery charger, you have a pretty serious battery setup that probably includes a house battery, a starting battery, a trolling motor battery, and one more battery.  A 4 bank battery charger can save you a