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Solar Powered Battery Charger: Featured Image

Solar Powered Battery Charger: New NOCO Portable Solar Charger Lineup 2017

If you regularly operate off the grid, are concerned about the environment, or just want to cut the power cord, a solar powered battery charger can help you.  A solar powered battery charger can be used to charge batteries in your
Harley Battery Tender Featured Image

Harley Battery Tender: Best Motorcycle Battery Tender Charger Maintainer

You don’t ride your bike during the winter and probably not as often as you would like to other times.  While your Harley is sitting its battery is discharging.  To stop the discharge, maintain your battery at peak efficiency, and make
CTEK Featured Image

Best Car Battery Charger: Best 12V Vehicle Charger 2016

What is the best car battery charger for your car or truck?  The best car battery charger should do more than just charge your battery.  It must also be fully automatic, be able to maintain the battery once it’s charged unattended
Black and Decker Featured Image

Trickle Charger for Motorcycle: Best Value Motorcycle Charger and Maintainer

Motorcycles are more likely than other vehicles to be stored in the wintertime and because of that they need a trickle charger for motorcycle to keep the battery in good shape while they are stored.  The new models of trickle charger
Battery Tender Featured Image

Car Battery Tender: Best New Car Battery Charger Tender

A car battery tender is an essential piece of gear for vehicles that sit for extended periods of time without running.  Classic cars, cars that are stored for the winter, extra vehicles, motorcycles, water sports vehicles, ATVs, RVs, and others all
G750 Featured Image

6V Battery Charger: 7 Top Rated Budget 6-Volt Smart Chargers

Do you really need a 6V battery charger or would a combination charger and 6-volt battery tender or battery maintainer do the job?  The reason I ask is that battery chargers usually have a higher amperage output in order to charge
Optimate 6 Featured Image

Auto Battery Chargers: Top 10 Best Rated Car Battery Chargers 2016

You’re looking for auto battery chargers, but you need to ask yourself a couple of questions before you buy.  First, should you really be looking for auto battery chargers at all or is your requirement really for another piece of equipment
Battery Tender Plus Featured Image

Battery Charger for Car: Top 7 Best Rated Car Battery Chargers 2016

Since we last took a look at the best battery charger for car candidates, a lot has changed in the world of battery chargers.  For one thing the new lithium battery jump starters have taken center change as one of the
NOCO Genius G3500 Featured Image

How to Charge a 12V Battery: Important Battery Tender Maintenance

How to Charge a 12V Battery: Important Battery Tender Maintenance When you ask how to charge a 12V battery, your next question could be how to maintain a 12V battery.  Most folks are familiar with battery chargers that can charge a
Battery Tender Featured Image

Waterproof Battery Charger: Top Rated 12V Battery Charger Maintainer

The most common use for a waterproof battery charger is charging boat batteries.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a host of other uses.  Whether it’s for RVs, ATVs, watercraft, or other vehicles with 12-volt batteries that encounter a lot of