Gifts for Hunters: Top 25 Hunter Gift Ideas 2016

Hunters are a special breed of people who love and respect our environment, respect and protect wildlife, and form the backbone of our society.  Gifts for hunters are available to help you celebrate their hobby and help them continue the tradition.

It’s easy to find gifts for hunters, it’s just not easy to find something they really need and want that they don’t already have.  To do that you need to find unique gifts that are useful for hunters, but also have a little “gotta have that” in them.  You could just buy them a gift card of course, but we think they will appreciate a unique gift from the heart more.  Another choice might be hunting apparel or hunting clothes, but those sorts of items tend to be very personal and there is always the size consideration.  We chose not to put any apparel on our list.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research and found some hunter-approved, very useful and unique gifts that every hunter would love to own.  Whether you’re looking for hunter gift ideas, gifts for men, gifts for Dad, gifts for him, gifts for women, gifts for her, gifts for Mom, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for deer hunting, hunting accessories gifts, unique gifts, gift ideas for men, gift ideas for women, mens gifts or womens gifts, we’re sure you will find something on our list that will catch your eye and remind you of your special hunter’s wants and needs.

Gifts for Hunters: Top 25 Hunter Gift Ideas

#1 – Gifts for Hunters: Oakley Radarlock Path Photochromic Men’s Sunglasses (Camo) Gifts for Hunters Oakley Radarlock Path Photochromic Sunglasses Camo Side View– $280

One thing hunters have in common is their exposure to the elements and in particular the sun.  Consequently, a good pair of sunglasses is their constant companion.  Not just any sunglasses will do.  Hunters go in and out of shade constantly as they travel and need sunglasses that automatically adjust accordingly to provide the best view in varying light conditions and provide the highest level of UV protection.  They also need tough sunglasses that won’t break the first time they drop them or sit on them.  That means the sunglasses should have polycarbonate lens and durable frame materials.  It’s going to happen, even with scratch-resistant lenses.  The lenses are going to get scratched and depending on how severe, it can render the sunglasses virtually useless.  The answer is interchangeable lenses that allow them to ditch the scratched lenses and replace them with brand new ones without having to replace the frames.  Also, don’t forget the cool factor.  Let’s face it, some sunglasses just look cooler than others and nothing beats the look of a hunter with cool sunglasses.

#2 – BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove – $129Gifts for Hunters Biolite Wood Burning Camp Stove Power Source

Hunters and campers alike need some way to start and maintain a campfire for cooking, boiling water, providing basic heat, generating low-level light, or giving some protection against predators.  They also need a way to keep their portable electronic devices charged for emergency communication, GPS locating, or the myriad other reasons hunters take electronic devices with them.  What if there was a camp stove which provided all this capability in one highly-portable and effective device?  Now you can give a unique hunting and camping gift that everyone in the hunting part will appreciate.  There is a new camp stove that burns only wood or other biomass, lights quickly, is easy to use, and can charge your portable electronic devices with its built-in USB port powered only by the wood-burning stove.  How amazing is that?  With no gas canisters to carry and no heavy camp stoves to lug, this 2-lb compact stove will be the envy of all the other hunters.

#3 – Midland GXT1050VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair) (Camo) – $65

Gifts for Hunters Midland GXT 36-Mile 50-Channel Camo Walkie TalkiesCommunication is one of the most important capabilities every hunter needs to have on any expedition.  Particularly important is communications among the hunting party.  Good communications can even save lives by helping to prevent accidental shootings.  The trouble is that hunting in wooded or mountainous terrain can hinder radio signals and greatly reduce the range of mobile radios.  The solution is new long-range walkie talkies with up to a 36-mile range that can keep the communication flowing even in rough terrain.  With one of these devices in each of the hands of hunting party members, you can insure your hunters will always be able to reach all members in an emergency.

#4 – Alpen Shasta Ridge 10 x 42 Waterproof Roof Prism Binocular – $173Gifts for Hunters Alpen Shasta Ridge 10x42 Waterproof Roof Prism Binoculars Camo

Whether spotting for the hunt, watching for predators, or just enjoying the view and amazing wildlife, a good set of binoculars is an essential part of every hunter’s pack.  It is also one area where you don’t want to go cheap on a gift.  You should look for a waterproof/fog-proof  model with outstanding BAK4 optics, a durable camouflaged body, and close-up capability.  Does your hunter wear eyeglasses?  Look for models that have long eye relief which are designed to provide reduced eyestrain and better viewing comfort for eyeglass wearers.  For most conditions 8X binoculars are the better choice although if they will be hunting in the wide-open plains, 10X may be a better choice for the longer range.

#5 – Leatherman 850022 MUT-Black/Molle – $150

Gifts for Hunters Leatherman 850122 MUT MultitoolAnother key piece of hunting equipment for hunters that has become more valuable over the years is the multitool.  While the number of tools in each model has increased, very few of the multitools are designed specifically for hunters.  Some tools that hunters will definitely appreciate on their multitool include a bolt override tool, a carbon scraper, cleaning rod/brush adapter, and a firearm disassembly punch.  Of course they need all the other basic tools, too, but these tools designed specifically for hunters and available on the Leatherman MUT will definitely make their life easier in the outdoors.

#6 – Anker® 14W Dual-Port Solar Charger with PowerIQ™ Technology – $70Gifts for Hunters Anker 14W Dual Port Solar Charger

Portable electronic devices have become more than nice to have.  They are an essential part of every hunting trip delivering communications, location, entertainment, safety, survival and emergency preparedness capability.  These devices all have one thing in common; they all need batteries to operate.  That’s not too much of a problem around the house or in the neighborhood, but when you go on an extended hunting trip off the grid, how to keep all your devices charged and operational becomes more critical.  Fortunately, over the past couple of years, solar chargers have improved in capability to the point that they are highly portable, reliable power sources that can keep your devices charged without needing other conventional power sources.  Lightweight and capable, your hunters will appreciate this handy addition to their hunting tackle.

#7 – Cordless PullzAll Portable Lifting and Pulling Tool – $352

Gifts for Hunters Warn Camo Cordless Pulling ToolWinches have been around as long as there has been a need to pull stuck trucks and ATVs out of tough spots.  The problem with a winch is that it is usually connected to the front of one vehicle and hard-wired into that vehicle’s electric system.  That means that if you want to use the winch for other lifting and pulling tasks around the camp site, the winch is limited in how it can be used.  Enter the cordless PullzAll portable lifting and pulling tool.  Now your hunter can take one tool for the entire hunting party that can be used for a multitude of tasks.  They can use it to pull ATVs on to trucks, lift deer or other kill, get trucks and ATVs out of tough situations, and many more.  This powerful tool will become your hunter’s favorite hunting companion.

#8 – Browning Blackout Flashlight – $87Gifts for Hunters Browning 725 Lumen Blackout Flashlight

Flashlights are an obvious necessity and hunting accessory on any hunting or camping trip, but most of them have limitations that make them less than the perfect  solution for in-the-dark operations.  Up until now, if you wanted a super-bright flashlight you needed to deal with its weight, short battery life, lack of durability, and short longevity bulbs.  Those days are gone thanks to a new breed of flashlight that takes advantage of low power CREE LEDs, lightweight batteries, outstanding durability, and weatherproof capability to provide a super-bright beam under all conditions.  Most have lifetime bulbs, and long-life batteries that should provide all the light you need for an entire hunting trip.  So you can be standing in the pouring rain at night changing a tire in the mud, and your flashlight will give you all the light you need and keep on going.

#9 – Garmin Oregon 450t Handheld GPS Navigator – $335

Gifts for Hunters Garmin Oregon 450T Portable GPSAnother essential piece of gear when hunting or camping and a great gift idea is a portable GPS.  Whether you’re hiking, out on the trail running ATVs, finding your tree stand from last year, or just getting directions to the nearest store to replenish supplies, your hunter’s GPS will be their most valuable hunting and emergency tool.  New model GPS devices come with many features including cameras and built-in topographical maps.  We recommend that you get your hunter a model with the topographical maps as they will be very valuable on any hunting trip.

#10 – SOG Specialty Knives & Tools 5-piece Supreme Survival Kit – $130Gifts for Hunters SOG Specialty Tool Kit

It’s not an uncommon occurrence while hunting to have to use a shovel to make camp, or dig out of a sticky situation.  It’s also the norm to have to clear an area for camp or setting up a blind, or cutting through some deep grass or brush.  You could buy separate tools for these tasks or you could get them included in one complete survival kit that also includes an axe, a multitool, and a fire starter key ring.  That’s right, you can get your hunter their own survival kit that includes all those tools at a hefty savings or buying them all separately.  If you get the right brand, you can also count on getting quality tools that will last your hunter through many seasons.

#11 – Gerber 30-000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit – $298

Gifts for Hunters Gerber 30-000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival KitLet’s face it, not all hunters are traditional and not all hunters hunt wild game as we think of it.  Some hunters are just practicing for the real hunt which will come when zombies run wild across our country and the only folks left to save us are the zombie hunters like your hunters!  Make sure they’re prepared by getting them a real zombie apocalypse survival kit that includes everything they need to save themselves, their families, and maybe even you from certain annihilation.  What’s in a zombie apocalypse survival kit you might ask?  How about two Gator machetes, a Bear Grylls parang, a high performance axe, and three survival knives?  Let’s just say, they will definitely be prepared.

#12 – Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone – $567Gifts for Hunters Inmarsat Isatphone Pro Satellite Phone

How far off the grid does your hunter go?  Many hunters are finding it gives them a lot of peace-of-mind to know that they can communicate or be located no matter where they go…on earth.  All they need is a satellite phone that can hook into the Inmarsat global communications network and a SIM card with minutes to be immediately on the network and ready to communicate.  It wasn’t too long ago that satellite phones cost thousands of dollars to buy, were huge in size, and cost $50 a minute or more to communicate.  They’ve come a long way now being more the size of a large smartphone, having much more reasonable per-minute costs, and costing as little as $500 for a quality handset.  A lot of folks give these as gifts, not for their hunter, but for their hunter’s spouse and family who want the security of knowing where their hunter is and being able to communicate with them in an emergency.

Gifts for Hunters BlueCosmo Inmarsat 100 Units SIM CardFor the gift to be complete, you should also consider buying them a SIM card which is necessary to operate the phone.  The BlueCosmo Inmarsat IsatPhone 100 Unit Prepaid SIM Card is the perfect accessory for only $95 more.

#13 – BARSKA 8x32mm Binocular Camera – $151

Gifts for Hunters Barska 8x32mm Digital Binocular CameraWhen you’re hunting you see a lot through your scope and through binoculars if you have them.  Many of the things you see are truly one-of-a-kind wildlife and nature experiences that it would be great to share with friends and family.  Now you can give your hunter that ability to share those special moments that can only be captured through binoculars and scopes using a digital binocular camera.  Imagine how many great shots your hunter has missed that they can only talk about, but can never really adequately describe.  Imagine how many times your hunter has seen something that nobody would ever believe without proof.  Give them all that capability and more.

#14 – Gift Basket Village Hunting Gift Basket for Hunters, Large – $117Gifts for Hunters Gift Basket Village Hunter's Snack Gift Basket

Gift baskets are a nice way to give a themed gift to your favorite hunter.  Many come with a variety of hunting and camping related goodies that they are sure to enjoy.  Probably the things your hunter will enjoy the most on their trip are some munchies to give them energy and to pass the time during those long periods of waiting.  Get them a large hunter’s snack gift basket and they will thank you many times over.

#15 – Spypoint Rechargeable Heated Seat Cushion, Camo – $102

Gifts for Hunters Spypoint Rechargeable Heated Seat CushionTwo things hunters do a lot of are walking and sitting.  While they’re walking they burn energy and that keeps them warm naturally.  While they’re sitting it’s a different story.  Cold finds it way right to their bones from whatever cold surface they’re sitting on and it can make sitting for long periods very unpleasant.  Get your hunter a rechargeable heated seat cushion that will keep them toasty warm while their sitting in the cold.  Rechargeable models are great because you can charge them overnight while camped so that they’re ready to go for another long day of hunting.

#16 – Bolt Power® G06 Portable Car Jump Starter Power Bank w/16500mAh – Boost 600 AMP Peak Emergency Auto Jump Starter – $130Gifts for Hunters Bolt Power G06 Heavy Duty Portable Jump Starter

The average hunter probably doesn’t think much about what happens if their vehicle’s battery goes dead.  If they do think about it, they probably imagine that they will get a jump start from a member of their hunting party.  A jump start requires two things to be successful, a good set of jumper cables and a Good Samaritan buddy with a healthy battery in their vehicle.  What happens if your hunter is using only one vehicle or becomes separated from their hunting party?  They make battery jump starters just for that purpose, but they are generally very heavy and take a lot of space that is already precious on a hunting trip.  The latest innovation is the compact, lightweight battery jump starter which is literally pocket-sized but has all the power your hunter needs to start even their hulking diesel pickup in an emergency, multiple times.  Most also come with the ability to keep mobile devices charged while they’re not charging their truck.  If they have a big pickup, make sure you get a model that’s designed to start big V8 or diesel engines.  Give them a gift that may just save them in an emergency and has handy electronic device charging capability as well.

#17 – Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 Solar Generator and 20W Solar Panel – $389

Gifts for Hunters Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar GeneratorGoing off-the-grid means doing without many of the conveniences a hunter is used to atGifts for Hunters Goal Zero Nomad 20 Solar Panel home.  That’s mostly because of a lack of electricity to power those items.  What if there was a generator, designed to be used off the grid that respects nature and the environment while providing the AC and DC power your hunter needs.  Enter the solar generator.  It has the capability to power all of your portable electronic devices using either its USB port, 12V outlet, or AC outlet.  When you need more power, just plug it into a compatible solar panel to recharge the generator.   In order to power this solar generator using solar power, we have included the Goal Zero 12004 Nomad 20W Solar Panel accessory for solar generator in this gift.  Be sure to by both to make this a true solar-powered generator.

#18 – Two Person 2012 Emergency Survival 72 Hour Bug Out Bag with FOX Tactical Rio Grande (75L) Pack (Black) – $340Gifts for Hunters Two-Person 72-Hour Emergency Survival Kit

Hunting is mostly hours and hours of boredom interspersed with moments of sheer exhilaration and excitement.  Every once in awhile, a situation comes along that can threaten a hunters very survival.  Every hunter needs to be prepared for that situation to protect themselves and their fellow hunters.  The generally agreed upon survival preparedness time period is 72 hours.  So every hunter should pack a survival kit that if need be, would help them survive alone for 72 hours without help.  The best kits are two-person kits useful in the more likely situation that there are two hunters needing to survive.  If you’re hunter isn’t really ready for that one-in-a-thousand situation, you can help them by getting them a 72-hour survival kit.

#19 – LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – $20

Gifts for Hunters LifeStraw Personal Water FilterProbably one of the coolest inventions of all time is the personal water filter straw.  Originally designed for third-world countries where clean water is at a premium, they are also the perfect solution for hunters and campers who are in areas where the cleanliness of the water is suspect.  It’s really not worth the risk to drink water from anywhere that is untested or sanitized and there is no easier way to safely get a drink from any water source than a personal water filter straw.  They’re inexpensive enough that buying a six-pack that will take your hunter through multiple expeditions is definitely the way to go.

#20 – GoPro HERO4 Black – $500Gifts for Hunters GoPro HERO4 Black Camcorder

Whether it’s hunting, action sports, extreme sports, camping, or any outdoor activity where you want to capture the moment on film there is no better way that with a GoPro adventure camcorder.  Used by professionals around the world, these camcorders are designed for just about anything you can throw at them with a rugged design and waterproof construction.  There is a new model just available this year called the GoPro HERO4 Black that is the perfect camera for any hunter or outdoor enthusiast.  Give your hunter the gift of exciting memories of their next adventure.

#21 – Walkstool WA22 Comfort 55cm/22in. Portable Folding Camping & Hiking Seat – $90

Gifts for Hunters Walkstool Tripod SeatI own one of these and I completely endorse it as one of the best portable seats you can buy.  It’s available in multiple heights to fit just about anyone and it’s one of the most comfortable seats I’ve ever owned.  Whether hunting in the backwoods, hiking up a mountain trail, or just out for a daily walk, your hunter will find a portable seat to be their favorite piece of hunting gear.  I can’t say enough about the design and durability of this seat.  It can handle heavier hunters easily and its tripod design makes it stable on a variety of surfaces.  It’s also very lightweight and compact when folded and carries easily over either shoulder with its included carrying case.

#22 – Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP Game Camera – $130Gifts for Hunters Browning Strike Force Sub Micro Game Camera

Some of the hottest gifts for hunters are the popular game and trail cameras that allow hunters to capture pictures of game during the day or at night. Useful for a variety of hunting tasks including deer scouting and tracking, many use  these cameras for profiling the lives of deer and other game in their area to know what game is available and where they like to frequent.  There is probably nothing more exciting than to view the pictures taken by one of these cameras after it has been left for weeks or even months just to see what rare or candid images have been captured of the local game.  Get your hunter one of the most popular gifts of the season.

#23 – Rite in the Rain 980A-KIT with 4-5/8″ x 7-1/4″ Tan Tactical Field Book, Pen, ACU Cover – $45

Gifts for Hunters Rite In The Rain 980A Tactical Notebook KitA great gift for any hunter, a tactical field book with all-weather capability will keep them on track.  Useful for recording all sorts of hunting notes for historical reference and future preparedness, your hunter will appreciate the quality and durability of a notebook designed specifically for tactical operations.  Whether recording the patterns of deer, keeping track of supplies, keeping notes about their adventures, or keeping a diary, a field notebook doesn’t require electricity and doesn’t mind when the weather turns foul.

#24 – Supernova 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Lantern – $35Gifts for Hunters SuperNova 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED Lantern

Every hunter needs a lantern, but batteries don’t last forever and it’s not convenient to carry a lot of additional heavy batteries when off-the-grid.  That’s where a good solar lantern can be one of the best tools in the gear box.  The critical features of a high-quality solar lantern are bright light, long battery life, durability, and light weight.  Why carry the extra weight of a heavy lantern and all the extra batteries needed to power it when your hunter can carry one or two lightweight solar-powered, environmentally friendly lanterns that will provide all the light they need without any source of power, but the sun.

#25 – Yeti Tundra 45 Quart Cooler – $275

Gifts for Hunters Yeti Tundra 45 Quart CoolerWhether it’s for drinks, food, or the kill, hunters need to have a cold storage place.  Some choose thermoelectric coolers which need power to operate, but if you’re really going off the grid, you need a Yeti Tundra cooler.  Yeti coolers are known for their rugged durability, light weight, and quality construction featuring UV-resistant roto-molded grizzly-proof polyethylene and heavy insulation.  They are great for day trips between access to ice.  We happen to like the Yeti Tundra 45 quart model because it’s easier to carry and takes up less space in your hunter’s gear.  Larger versions are also available for those who need more cold storage space.

There you have it.  Our take on the best gifts for hunters we could find.  This list should cover just about any picky hunter you have on your list.

Thanks for reading our gift list!  We sincerely hope that you enjoyed our list and that it helps you find the perfect gifts for hunters on your list!

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