12 Volt Solar Battery Charger Saves Family Adventures

When you travel on your next adventure, you’ll probably be carrying any number of portable electric devices and they all need toInstapark Mercury27 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger Folded View be recharged.  What could you carry with you that could guarantee power to recharge your devices and even your car’s battery?  Have you considered a portable 12 volt solar battery charger?

I’m not talking about the solar panels you see on people’s houses or miniature ones you would use for a single device.  I’m talking about a highly portable, foldable, solar powered battery charger that has dual USB ports that can simultaneously charge two devices including iPhones, iPads, Android smart phones, tablet computers, all Kindle devices, digital cameras and other USB compatible mobile devices.  Plus, it has a 12V DC output port with a 10-ft cord to charge 12 volt batteries.

Unlike car battery chargers and battery tenders that need AC power to operate, this charger is ideal for vacation-saving power whether you’re in an RV, backpacking, camping or engaging in any other outdoor activity.  Whether you’re using it all the time to charge all your portable electrical devices, trickle-charging your vehicle battery, or just want to have it on hand for emergency preparedness such as power outages, a portable solar battery charger may just make the difference between a trip-ruining moment and a stress-free family outing.

I’m talking of course about the Instapark Mercury27 Portable & Foldable 27 Watts Solar Battery Charger with a DC 12V output for vehicle batteries.  This light, portable, foldable, and durable battery charger solution will keep your batteries charged without having to worry about other power sources.  Read on and see if this is the perfect solution to your adventure needs!

Instapark Mercury27 Portable & Foldable 12 Volt Solar Battery Charger

Instapark Mercury27 Solar Battery Charger Unfolded ViewDo you worry about how you’re going to keep your portable devices charged while on vacation or some other personal or family adventure?  You could take a regular portable battery or jump starter with you that has provision to charge other devices, but they are heavy, take up space, and have to be charged themselves.

Why not consider an alternative green solution that uses the limitless power of the sun to provide the energy you need?  The best flexible, solar, portable battery charger solution we’ve found is the new Instapark Mercury27 12 Volt Solar Charger which is actually the same dimensions as a magazine only thinner and lighter.  Take a look at its many features.


  • 4 high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panels with a full 27 watts of power
  • With sophisticated design and engineering the Mercury27 folds into a compact, highly-portable and lightweight package.
  • Folded the package measures approximately 11.5 x 8 x 2 inches (folded), 36 x 11.5 x 0.1 inches (unfolded), and weighs in at a very lightweight 2 lbs 8 oz.
  • Dual standard 5V USB ports for simultaneous charging of many portable electronic devicesInstapark Mercury27 Solar Battery Charger Cable View
  • DC output with 10-ft cord for charging 12V batteries with charging connector compatible with popular 12V battery packs
  • Scratch-resistant and weather-resistant covering is designed for outdoor use
  • Built-in pocket holds and protects the charge controller and provides storage for other electronic components
  • 1-Year hassle-free manufacturer’s warranty included
  • 100% green energy with zero carbon footprint


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great value
  • Very portable
  • High quality construction


  • Instructions not very helpful
  • Contact between panels subject to wear

Instapark Mercury 12V Solar Battery Charger Review

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12 Volt Solar Battery Charger Comparison Chart

TitleInstapark® Mercury27 Portable & Foldable 27 Watts Solar Battery Charger with DC 12V Output for Automotive Batteries & Dual DC 5V Standard USB Ports for iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phone, Tablet Computer & Other Portable DeviceBattery Tender 021-1163 5W Solar MaintainerRenogy 35w Watt Folding Solar Panel Portable Charger 12v and 24v Battery ChargingInstapark PowerBox Mars100 Fold-n-Go Portable 100-Watt Solar-powered 12V Battery Charger with Built-in Charge Controller & Cooling Fan
FeatureAll-around portable solar battery charger powered by foldable 27 Watts high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel with triple outputs including one DC 12V port and two standard DC 5V USB ports, ideal for RVs, emergency preparedness, backpacking, camping and other outdoor activities
4 Highest-efficiency mono-crystalline panels fold up into a compact, portable and lightweight pack measuring 11.5 X 8 X 2 inches and weighing less than 3 lbs
Made from scratch-resistant and weather-resistance fabric, ideal for outdoor use. Built-in pocket holds and protects charge controller and other electronic components and provides extra storage
1-year hassle-free manufacturer's warranty
No additional battery needed for charging external devices, 100% green energy with zero carbon footprint, built-in dual USB ports for simultaneously charging two devices including but not limited to iPhones, iPads, Android smart phones, tablet computers, all Kindle devices, digital cameras and other USB compatible mobile devices plus one 12V DC output port with a 10-ft cord for charging 12V batteries, power packs and alike, the 12V output plug is compatible with Instapark Mars20S, Duracell PowerPack Series & Wagan Power Dome Series Battery Packs, no additional adapter needed
Built-in 3-step microcontroller for precise charging
Waterproof and sparkproof for outdoor installations
Easy, do-it-yourself installation
Built-in temperature compensation sensor
12V nominal voltage 270 mAmps
Rated Wattage:35W
Cell Type:Monocrystalline
Open Circuit Voltage:18-20V
Converting Efficiency: 17-18%
Battery Port:12/24Volts Switchable Battery Charging
Powerful 100 watts high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar panel with foldable design, ideal for charging all 12-volt lead-acid, flooded or sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell)
Stylish, foldable & self-contained design with compact size and light weight, ideal for home use and outdoor activities
Built-in controller prevents battery from being over-charged or over-discharged and built-in cooler fan with temperature sensor prevents overheating.
Multi-functional 5-LED Charge / Battery Strength indicator
Adjustable steel flip stand for maximum sunlight exposure
Height8 inch3 inch1 inch26 inch
Weight2.5 pound4.5 pound18 pound
Width2 inch17.8 inch11.8 inch2.75 inch
Length11.5 inch17.8 inch13.3 inch26.25 inch
Rating4.3 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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