It’s time to head back to college and your student is driving there.  I see a lot written on back to college safety tips mostly about personal safety like you would expect.  The thing I don’t see is a lot written about keeping your student safe when out and about with their car.  If your student will be driving at college, you need to consider back to college safety with respect to their car.

Back to College Safety: Gooloo 700A Jump Starter Main ViewWhile they’re at college they don’t have your immediate support if they get stranded with their car or if their battery is dead and they have no means of recharging it, so make sure you keep car back to college safety in mind.  Because students may not have a lot of cash for gas and because there are many activities at most colleges that don’t require them to drive, they may let their car sit for a week or more at a time without driving it.


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While it’s sitting there, particularly if it’s warmer, the battery is discharging and over time will discharge to the point where it won’t start the car.  If the battery starts out in good condition it may not be a problem.  On the other hand, if the battery is weak to begin with it could be only a matter of time before your student is stuck without a car or stranded.





They’re fiercely independent and invincible at their age and probably aren’t thinking about back to college safety let alone their car’s battery.  That’s where it may be up to parents to provide a simple, inexpensive tool that they can carry in their glove box or trunk that will save them in the event of a dead battery.

We’re talking about a compact battery jump starter.  When it comes to back to college safety, for those students that drive, it should be at the top of your list as a gift or purchase for your student.  What is a compact battery jump starter?

With the advent of lithium-ion batteries companies have been able to use that technology to put the power of larger lead-acid jump starters into a much more compact, even pocket-sized package.  These small, lightweight devices easily fit into most glove boxes or pretty much anywhere in the car there is small pocket of space.  They’re small, but they have the amazing power to jump cars, even bigger V8 models.

That’s not all.  Most compact jump starters come with additional USB ports and adapters to charge laptops and other popular portable electronic devices.  When you’re student it traveling back to college that functionality may come in handy to charge their devices along the way or for day-trips at college.

The big question that comes to mind is which small jump starter should you buy or recommend to your student?  Fortunately, we have done the research and we have one to recommend that really deserves your attention.


Take a look at our choice and see if its the best jump starter for your student!


GOOLOO 700A Portable Car Jump Starter 18,000 mAh Power Bank

Back to College Safety: Gooloo 700A Battery Jump Starter

When considering a portable battery jump starter for your student, you want it to be powerful like the GOOLOO 700A Portable Car Jump Starter 18,000 mAh Power Bank that is capable of jump starting their vehicle up to 6.5L gas or 5.0L diesel up to 20X on a single charge.  It also is a handy power bank with a built-in 12V/10A power port that is just right for powering an in car cooler or portable air compressor tire inflator.  You also have the peace of mind knowing that it comes with one of the longest warranties available on a portable jump starter.  With an advanced back to college safety design, it features a mini jump cables set that provides intelligent protection against overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, and overcharge.  Its built-in LCD screen provide battery status information so your student knows when to recharge.  A bright LED work light has emergency SOS and strobe light modes.


Back to College Safety: Features

  • Lightweight, compact, powerful 700 peak amps car battery jumper that can start 12V vehicles up to 6.5L gas and 5.0L diesel up to 20X on a single charge and an integrated 18,000 mAh power bank
  • Car Battery Jumper Gooloo 12V Jump Starter Kit View18,000 mAh power bank provides recharging power to your USB-compatible electronic devices through dual USB ports (5V/2A, 5V/1A) and a 12V/10A power port
  • Back to college safety design mini jump cables set givers your student intelligent protection against overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, and overcharge
  • Integrated LCD display makes battery status readily available
  • Super-bright LED light has flashlight, emergency SOS, and strobe light modes
  • Fast, no-wait charges using the included 12V power port plus or AC power adapter
  • Included protective storage case keeps the unit safe from rough storage
  • Long 18-Month limited warranty and professional service after the sale


Customer Reviews

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  • Compact and very easy to use
  • Great backup charger for phones
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Great safety features



  • None noted










Back to College Safety


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