You are stranded in a car that won’t start.  At best, it’s annoying.  At worst, it can be frightening.  You need a battery jump start.  You used to need two things to make that happen.  You needed functioning jumper cables and a Good Samaritan’s battery.  Nowadays, when you need a battery jump start, you can use a portable lithium-ion battery jump starter to jump start your vehicle without jumper cables or a Good Samaritan.

Battery Jump Start: Weego Jump Starter 44 Underhood ViewLithium-ion battery boosters have made it much easier and faster to battery jump start your car or truck, but they aren’t perfect.  Many have built-in safety features to make them safer, but they can still be a little complicated for the uninitiated.


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Fortunately, there is a new model jump box that not only includes a full complement of safety features, it also has patented intelligent clamps that use lights and sound to make it virtually impossible to make a mistake when using them.




We searched automotive forums, manufacturer sites, customer review sites, social media, retail sites, and consumer sites and found that this popular car jump starter is both popular and highly rated among lithium jump starters.


Take a look at this new model from Weego, the company you’ve never heard of that’s been in business for more than 50 years, and see if it’s the best jump starter for your needs!


Weego Jump Starter 44 Booster and Power Bank

Battery Jump Start: Weego Jump Starter 44 Main ViewIf you’re looking for a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use portable car battery jump starter for yourself or a family member, the award-winning, USA-designed and engineered Weego Jump Starter 44 Booster and Power Bank is an excellent choice.  This jump pack features the power to jump start up to 7L gas and up to 3.5L diesel engines, built-in safety features that make it one of the safest on the market, and patented smart clamps that walk you through the whole jump starting process with lights and sound so you don’t make a mistake.  Its integrated safety features include Connection Detection that let you know when you have a good connection or prevent you from jumping if you’re connected to a battery with improper voltage, Power Surge that prevents the engine from pulling over 400A from the jump starter, Reverse Polarity  that prevents you from jump starting if the clamps are connected in reverse accidentally, and Over-Heat that will cut power to the battery jumper and initiate a cool down period of up to 3 minutes to prevent overheating.  Perfect for battery jump starting cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, ATVs/UTVs, and more by everyone from Moms to mechanics.


Battery Jump Start: Features

  • Powerful, award-winning, USA-designed and engineered 400A battery jump starter guaranteed to battery jump start up to 7L gas and 3.5L diesel engines
  • Built-in power bank includes a Detect-O-Matic super-fast USB-device charging port for your portable electronic devices, a 19V port for charging most PC-based laptops, and a 12V port for powering accessories like air compressors, blenders, lanterns, fans, electric blankets, and more
  • With an IP65 rating for water, dust, and dirt-resistance, you can feel comfortable using it in challenging environments like those found when boating, fishing, hunting, trail riding, and more
  • Battery Jump Start: Weego Jump Starter 44 Kit ViewPatented Smarty Clamps guide you through the jump start with a series of lights and sounds, long 24 inch cables make positioning the jump starter easier, and extra-wide opening clamps with power on both sides connect easier and help to ensure a better connection
  • Built-in safety features include proper connection detection and protection against sparking, accidental reverse polarity, overheating, and power surge
  • All specifications are verified with independent lab certification meaning amperage claims, engine compatibilities, and lumen ratings are tried and true and the unit will do what Weego claims
  • Integrated tactical LED light with three modes including a 14-hour 500 lumen flashlight mode, and an SOS emergency mode or strobe mode that can last up to 28 hours
  • A unique hook and lanyard allows you to use the Weego 44 as a powerful work or camp light or hang under the hood while jump starting
  • Fully charges in only 3 hours and delivers up to 1000 charging cycles
  • On/Off switch in off position insures battery jump starter will only lose 2% charge per month for up to 3 years of standby power
  • Long 18-Month limited warranty and dedicated, in-house, USA-based customer support





Included Accessories

  • 1 – Set Smarty Clamps
  • 1 – 120VAC wall charger
  • 1 – 12V power port charger
  • 1 – Water-resistant zippered carry bag
  • 1 – Hook and lanyard
  • 1 – Weego collectors tin


Customer Reviews

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  • Very powerful
  • One of the easiest jump starters to use
  • Safety features offer peace-of-mind
  • Quality construction and materials



  • On/off switch design makes it too easy to turn on accidentally in storage
  • Pricey
  • Could include more charging adapters for more devices










Battery Jump Start



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If you’re used to jump starting a car, it may seem simple and straightforward.  For the uninitiated, it can be daunting and even terrifying.  What happens if I hook the cables up wrong?  Will I damage my car or battery or worse cause an explosion or shock myself?  The new lithium ion boosters have taken some of the complication away from jump starting your car, but if you don’t buy the right one, it can still be complicated and possible to make a mistake.  We sincerely hope that this article has given you valuable information that helps you choose the best booster to battery jump start your car!