When it comes to car battery chargers or other vehicle battery chargers, what most people think is that they areBattery Maintainer CTEK MULTI US-7002 8-Step Chart View going to hook up the charger to the car battery or motorcycle battery and simply charge it until the battery has enough juice to start.  What they don’t think of is that there is a reason that the battery is low in the first place and usually it’s because the battery was not maintained properly using a battery maintainer or battery tender.

A battery charger is good for getting a battery back up to charge, but in the long run, if you leave your battery unattended for long periods you will want to buy a battery charger that is also a battery maintainer or tender.

Battery maintainers typically run a smart program via a microprocessor that controls the whole charge process and automatically stops charging and goes into a maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged.


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Regular battery chargers typically don’t do this and so once the battery is charged, the charger may detect and stop charging, but in any event, you should disconnect the charger to prevent damage to the battery or charger.




A battery maintainer will often have a series of steps to its charge process that may include desulphation which can prolong the life of your battery.


Some of the battery charging steps that are common in a good battery maintainer or battery tender are:

  • Desulphation – Possible reconditioning of batteries that have lost power due to non-use
  • Soft Start – Charges until the battery’s terminal voltage has risen to a preset level
  • Bulk – Primary charging step charges battery to a preset charge percentage below full charge
  • Absorption – The final charging state keeps voltage at a preset level
  • Analysis – Charging is suspended and voltage is measured
  • Recondition – Charger feeds a constant current to the battery and maximum voltage
  • Float – Constant voltage is maintained
  • Pulse/Maintenance – Charger sends a pulse of electricity to the battery when its charge falls below a preset limit to keep the battery in perfect condition for prolonged periods


There is one high-tech battery charger and maintainer that has the power to quickly charge your 12V battery while also being capable of maintaining your battery for maximum life and performance.  It’s a great battery charger and tender for car, truck, RV, ATV, marine, and motorcycle batteries.

Battery Maintainer CTEK MULTI US-7002 Front View

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Take a look at the CTEK MULTI US 7002 and see if it’s the perfect battery charger and battery maintainer for your needs!


CTEK (56-353) MULTI US 7002 12-Volt Battery Charger

Battery Maintainer MULTI US-7002 Kit ViewCTEK is a Swedish company known for their high-tech battery chargers including the very capable CTEK (56-353) Multi US 7002 12-Volt Battery Charger.  It’s worth noting that CTEK is also the OEM charger of choice for many of the world’s finest automobile manufacturers.  Its smart microprocessor controls an 8-Step charging process with multiple charging modes that does everything from charge your battery to telling you if your battery can hold a charge, to making sure it’s healthy and charged when you need it.  Capable of charging and maintaining multiple battery types including lead-acid Wet, MF, Gel, and AGM, this may be the last battery charger you need to buy.  Here’s what you need to know.


Battery Maintainer: Features

  • State-of-the-art primary switch mode 12V battery charger with pulse maintenance
  • Multiple charging modes and 8-step charging curve are microprocessor controlled and ensure your battery gets the best care possible
  • Preferred mode means you don’t have to know anything about your battery or charging it because the Multi US 7002 takes care of all of that for you automatically without monitoring
  • 8 Steps include Desulphation, Soft start, Bulk, Absorption, Analysis, Recondition, and Pulse/Maintenance Charging
  • Maintenance pulse charging increases battery life and improves performance
  • Recondition Mode is used to recondition batteries that have been severely discharged
  • Multiple modes gives you the flexibility to charge multiple battery types including Wet, MF, Gel, Ca, and AGM
  • All-weather charging thanks to IP65 water and dust resistance as well as a certified temperature use between -4 degrees F and +122 degrees F
  • Low back current drain, low rippled, and input voltage independent
  • Charger can be left for months connection which is ideal for use with seasonal vehicles such as a motorcycles, ATV, boats, and RVs
  • Permanent mounting possible thanks to the charger’s compact size and built-in mounting holes
  • Safe design is spark-free, reverse-polarity, and short-circuit proof
  • 5-Year limited warranty



  • 1 – Alligator clamp connection lead
  • 1 – Eyelet terminals connection lead



  • Can handle tough weather
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Compact size
  • Automatic operation without monitoring






  • Charge program doesn’t compensate for temperature
  • Relatively slow charging rate
  • Only lights without voltage reading
  • Poor instructions



Battery Maintainer 



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