You’re looking for unique beach gifts for your beach-lover and you may have already found that there aren’t a lot of great suggestions outBeach Gifts Underwater Video Camera Goggles Front View there.   We feel your pain.

To help you out, we have put together our Definitive Beach Lovers Gift Guide which contains a wide variety of great beach gifts ideas that anyone who frequents the beach would want to have and use.  It includes some very cool and unique gifts that except in only a couple of cases, are easy on the wallet.

Whether you’re looking for beach gifts for men, beach gifts for women, beach gifts for her, beach gifts for him, beach gifts for Dad, beach gifts for Mom, beach gifts for friends, beach gifts for family, beach gifts for girlfriends, beach gifts for boyfriends, beach gifts for coworkers, or gifts for beach lovers, we’re sure you will find something they’ll love on our list.


Take a look at our gallery of gifts and see if one of these beach gifts would be the perfect one for your beach lover.  Then just click on the picture to get more help with choosing the right model.






For more information on why we chose the gifts in our gallery please see our thoughts below the gallery!


Here are our thoughts on the beach presents we’ve selected.

The beach is all about fun, adventure, and exploring and what better way to do that than with a set of underwater video camera goggles?  Imagine taking beautiful videos under the waves to show family and friends.  They won’t have to worry about whether the picture is lined up, they just have to look at their subject and tape.

We all like to listen to music, but having your expensive smartphone exposed to the water and sun is not a great idea.  A waterproof, rugged, floating Bluetooth speaker is the perfect solution.  They will be able to stash their phone in their bag and still listen to their favorite tunes on a great speaker that can take a beating.

Many people like to relax with a good book on their Amazon Kindle while their kids make sand castles and splash in the waves.  It’s relaxing and engrossing.  The only problem is that Kindles are not waterproof, sand-proof, or sun-proof.  You can solve that problem for them by picking up a waterproof Kindle case to protect their device from the elements.

Whether they’re staying at a house, hotel, or condo for their next beach vacation, they will want to protect their valuables.  That’s not always handy or easy because not all locations have safes.  You can take away one worry from their vacation by buying them a portable vacation travel vault where they can keep their valuables and gain peace of mind.

Beach blankets are a necessity at the beach to lie on and layout your picnic spread on, but they are hot, sand and dirt collectors, and don’t dry quickly once their wet.  The hottest new beach blankets are made of parachute material that sheds sand and water and is very comfortable and cool to sit or lie on.  Give them the convenience and comfort of a parachute beach blanket for their next beach excursion.

Throwing a Frisbee, playing corn hole, and tossing a football are all great beach pastimes, but what happens when you just want to sit around, snack, and play a less action-packed game?  It would be nice to play cards, but cards aren’t waterproof and they don’t mix well with sand.  Now you can get them inexpensive waterproof playing cards so the poker games can go on.

Can it be any more difficult or messy to try to put sunscreen on yourself, friends, or family?  Your beach lovers have the same problem.  Give them the best solution out there for convenient and less messy application of sunscreen to protect them from burning while they’re having fun in the sun.  Get them some new sunscreen towelettes to apply sunscreen wherever it’s needed without a fuss.  These are great for kids that are difficult to capture and hold long enough to apply sunscreen.

Cooking at the beach, requires a grill, a cooler, utensils, and a host of other paraphernalia to do it right.  Carrying all of it to the beach can be a pain and I’m sure more than once, your beach lovers decided not to grill just to avoid the headache.  Now you can give them a gift that will have them back in the grilling game.  Give them a portable BBQ grill, cooler, and utensil set that’s easy to carry and has everything they need to cook delicious food without the hassle.

Beachgoers don’t take beach umbrellas to the beach just to avoid the sun.  Beaches can be breezy and sand can get everywhere including in food and other places you your beach lovers don’t want it.  Wind can blow away plates and books, and other light objects.  Give them the gift of shelter.  Give them a portable sun and weather shelter.  More than a sun umbrella, it has the capability to protect from wind and sand as well.  Y0ur beach lovers will be more comfortable at the beach than ever.

What is it about using sand as a building material at the beach?  Both adults and children love to sculpt sand into amazing castles and other structures that definitely won’t last the test of time.  It’s just too much fun.  Let your beach lovers take it to the next level with a complete sand sculpting kit.  It has everything they need to build and sculpt their way to beach nirvana.

How many times have you taken a music player to the beach only to have it run out of juice during your favorite song?  Trust me, your beach lovers have had this happen and it’s no fun.  Now they can go modern and eco-friendly with a solar-powered Bluetooth speaker.  Put your smartphone away and still let it produce all your music right on a speaker that will never run out of power.  It makes so much sense.  Let unlimited sun at the beach power their music.  It’s perfect!

Are your beach-lovers snorkelers or divers?  It’s a great way to enjoy the beach wherever they go.  The trouble is not much happens near the shoreline, they have to go out farther to reefs and shoals where they underwater action is. That’s where a sea scooter comes in.  Using one of these awesome toys they can explore underwater just about anywhere they want for up 2 hours on a single charge.  Not to mention the fun of gliding through the water with no effort and feeling the rush of water go by.  They’re not cheap, but they are an unforgettable gift.

A little known secret is the amount of treasure that hides at the beach right underfoot.  Beach goers drop all manner of coins and other metal objects that would be lost forever if not for metal detector-wielding gold diggers.  Now your friends or family can reap the benefit and fun of searching for buried treasure on the beach with their very own metal detector.  Give the gift of adventure and intrigue.  If they don’t find a fortune, they will certainly find a lot of fun.

They have a gift basket for every occasion now including beach gift basket for beach-lovers.  There are so many varieties that it’s hard to choose.  We’ve selected one that is perfect for any beachgoer and so useful they will wonder how they lived without it.

How are they going to haul are their new cool stuff to the beach?  They need a totally radical solution that will make their lives traveling to and from the beach easier than they could have ever imagined.  They need the monster truck of beach carts with wide easy-roll wheels and room enough to store a cooler and beach chairs.  They will remember you fondly every time they take a trip to the beach!

Finally, here is one of the hottest gifts for surfers, wake boarders, and body surfers.  Your beach-lovers haven’t experienced body surfing until they’ve done it with a hand plane.  It will allow them to cut through the water like a surfer and amps up the whole experience to a new level.  Once you’ve given them one, they will buy one for their whole family.  That’s what a rush it is!

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