Rechargeable AA and AAA batteries have become more and more popular as consumers are trying to save money and the environment.  We should know by now that we are filling our landfills with batteries that eventually will disintegrate and poison the soil and water supplies. 



Also, it doesn’t make sense anymore to pay unbelievable battery prices for a one shot use when we can recharge our batteries over and over again saving countless dollars!  If your question is “where do I buy the Best Battery Charger?”; then you’ve come to the right place.  We have done all the research and comparison for you.


You don’t have to buy separate battery chargers for AA and AAA batteries anymore.  Most new chargers come with dual-capability to charge both AA and AAA on the same charger.  Here is our Top 5 considerations for best battery charger:


#4 – SANYO Eneloop 4-Position Ni-MH

Sanyo Eneloop MNQ6This Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH battery charger is a very nice unit with plenty of great features:

  • It can charge either 2 or 4 AA or AAA Ni-MH or eneloop batteries in less than 7 hours.
  • It has a convenient retractable AC cord which makes it ideal for the office or when traveling.
  • A handy charging indicator light flashes and then remains steady when charging is complete.  Each battery pair has its own LED indicator light.
  • This charger will not overcharge or overheat batteries due to its built-in sensor which detects batteries overheating and prevents charging defective batteries.
  • It produces a steady 150 or 300 mA output to assure your batteries won’t degrade.
  • Unlike conventional chargers, the Sanyo eneloop charges eneloop batteries to a full 100%.  Conventional models charge conventional rechargeable batteries to only as much a 50% or less and take as much as twice the time.
  • It’s great for travel with acceptable voltage inputs of 100 to 240 volts at 50/60 Hz.
  • The Sanyo eneloop batteries do not have the problem of memory which afflicts many rechargeable batteries.  Eneloop batteries can be recharged even when partially drained without fears of future problems.
  • This Sanyo model when used with eneloop batteries offers an attractive lower cost of ownership than conventional solutions.
  • Eneloop batteries come ready to use right out of the package.
  • Look for model MQN06

Buy Sanyo Eneloop MNQ6 Now





#3 – Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH With 8 AA and 4 AAA Batteries

Sanyo is a leading brand in battery charger technology and it shows in this capable Eneloop Model 523519 battery Sanyo Eneloop 523519charger and batteries kit with some very useful features:

  • These batteries will hold a charge up to 3 years at a level of 75% and are rechargeable up to 1500 times.
  • The batteries come pre-charged from Japan using solar energy and cost only 4 pennies per recharge over their lifetime.
  • These batteries are suitable for temperatures as low a -20 degrees Celsius.
  • The kit includes 8 AA Eneloop batteries, 4 AAA Eneloop batteries and a compact 4-position battery charger. Look for item model number 523519.

If you’re looking for the best batteries and best battery charger combination you have to take a look at this kit.

Buy Sanyo Eneloop 523519 Now

#2 – La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Battery Charger

La Crosse Technology BC-700La Crosse is known for its great battery chargers and this is no exception.  You will find that the La Crosse BC-700 has comparable features to the best battery chargers on the market:

  • Charger comes with the capability to charge NiCad and NiMH AA and AAA rechargeable and low-discharge batteries
  • Micro-processor controlled, user selectable 4-mode charging: The four modes include charge, discharge (discharges then recharges batteries), recharge (discharges and recharges up to 20 times to bring old batteries back to life) and test (displays the battery capacity)
  • Can charge both AA & AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously
  • Has 4 separate LCD displays for simultaneous readouts on all battery banks
  • Unit has built-in overheat-detection to prevent over-charging and reverse polarity detection
  • This unit has multiple voltage capability great for traveling overseas
  •  All modes automatically default to 200 mA charge on the BC-700 Battery charger
  • Has Four independent channels – Charges 1, 2, 3, or 4 rechargeable batteries at a time
  • UL approved

Buy LA Crosse Technology BC-700 Now


#1 – Best Battery Charger – Eneloop NEW Power Pack 4 Position With Storage Case

This eneloop Power Pack charger is one of the best chargers available capable of charging 8 AA, Best Battery Charger Sanyo Eneloop SEC-N10SETEVP2 AAA, 2 C, or 2 D with spacers.  It has many great features including:

  • New 2nd Gen eneloops batteries handle up to 1500 recharges without memory effect
  • Maintain 75% of their charge after 3 years of non-use
  • Batteries come precharged and ready to use immediately
  • Convert AA cells into C or D cells by using spacers
  • New 2nd Generation eneloops. 1500 Cycles
  • Handy plastic storage case with built-in handle that stores and organizes batteries
  • Look for model number SEC-N10SETEVP

Buy Sanyo Eneloop SEC-N10SETEVP

Best Battery Charger


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