It’s always the same story; what to buy a man for his birthday.  It’s hard to know what birthday gifts men like in general let aloneBirthday Gifts Men Roku 3 Streaming Media Player Main View those to buy for the object of your affection.

The first question you should ask is, “What is he into?”  Take a look at what he spends most of his time doing, or wishes he was doing, and you’ll probably find some very good candidate gift categories.

For me, I like cars, trucks, motorcycles, tools, country music, writing articles like this one on my laptop, watching NASCAR, auto racing of all types, international soccer (especially the Premier League in the UK), playing the occasional game with my daughter on Xbox (all on our big screen TV), and working on projects around the house.  So if someone was going to buy me a birthday gift something in those areas would be a good choice.





Some of the things I’m interested in, like a lot of men seem to be, are new technology and electronics.  With that in mind, some gifts that might be appropriate include a new larger flat screen TV, a new laptop, a media streaming box, a new tablet computer, a new game console, a backup camera for the truck, one of those new black box cameras for the car, a set of those new-fangled headphones, a new larger monitor to view the laptop on, and the list goes on.

Birthday Gifts Men Newair 126-Can Beer Beverage Refrigerator Main ViewThere are also some things that your man may not really enjoy doing that much, but he has to do them anyway including chores around the house, the honey-do list, yard work, and fixing things that continually seem to break.  In those categories, you might choose birthday gifts men would find useful and appreciate that make his life a little easier and those tasks he dreads more palatable.

For instance, yard work might be easier if he had a vacuum/blower to clean up after he mows.  If he worries about getting stranded in his car or truck, a portable jump box or some jumper cables would be a good choice.  Does he store a car or motorcycle in the Winter?  It’s common for their batteries to go dead so getting him a battery tender would make his life a whole lot easier in the Spring.  Cleaning up around the shop or garage is always a pain, but you could make it less of a pain with a good quality shop vac or wet/dry vacuum.  Does he drink beer or wine?  What about a fancy beer refrigerator, wine refrigerator, or kegerator for the den or man cave?  Does he travel a lot on business?  The thing I used the most while I was traveling a lot was a portable travel steamer so I didn’t have to depend on missing or malfunctioning steam irons at hotels.

I think you get the idea; at least for me.  We wanted to help you out by putting together our top 15 men’s birthday gifts list so that you can have a great starting point to put a big smile on his face on his birthday.  You won’t see a list like this anyplace else, because we’re not putting down the most popular items.  We included real-world items in our list that he will love and will use for years to come.  Every time he uses his new gift, he will think of you!

Read on and see if one of these birthday gifts men love will make it on your list!



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