Maybe you have just one family member or friend that everyone considers to be “a boater” or maybe you have many, but one thing is certain, if you’re looking for gifts for them, you want to buy them boating gifts that are special, unique, and that they will truly love.

We wrote this article to help reduce the stress of picking the perfect boating gifts!  Whomever the gift is for, if your friends or family are like mine, it’s difficult to get a straight answer if you ask them what gift or gifts they would like to have.  It must be some sort of conspiracy, because they all do it.  If you do get an answer from them, it will usually be a reference to some lame, basic gift that nobody would really want to receive.  Well there is no way your going to buy one of those for them this year.  You want to buy one or more boating gifts that they will really use and appreciate!

Boating Gifts Garmen GPSMAP 79 Series GPS and Chart Plotter

The first question you should ask is, “What type of boating are they into?”  Take a look at what they spend most of their time doing, or wish they were doing, and you’ll probably find some very good candidates for boating gifts.

They might be sailors, or deep-sea fishermen, or maybe they just like the nautical life and theme.  I personally love the nautical theme and wish I still had a boat to back it up.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t decorate nautically and love the beach and the ocean! I’m closest to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and my family and I just love it there.  The whole place has a rich history of fishing, sailing, and boating.

If they love the nautical theme as much as my family does then a good boating gift idea might be something for their home related to nautical decor.  If their boat is big enough, they might like decor accents for their boat.  Some great decor gifts include a nautical clock, barometer, a compass, or tide-timer clock.

If they own a boat, what type of boat do they have?  Do they have a yacht or a Sunfish?  Do they like motoring around and water skiing or do they prefer to be out fishing on a lake or the open ocean? If they get far enough offshore they might enjoy having a portable nautical GPS as an extra measure of safety and as a timesaver.

If they enjoy wearing jewelry or nautical-themed apparel, a watch, wallet, nautical bracelet or necklace might appeal to them and be great boating gift ideas for someone on your list.

Your powersports friends would no-doubt love an action and adventure camcorder so that they can capture all their exploits to show you and other friends and family.

Boating Gifts Downeaster Standard Tide Clock BrassThere are a couple of great safety items that are great to have on a boating trip.  One is for friends and family who depend on marine batteries to start their boat.  Free them from worrying about getting stranded without enough battery power to start their boat’s motor.  Get them a portable battery booster or battery jump starter to have with them on every trip.  Another item is a high-power LED flashlight.  They’re expensive, but they last what seems like forever and they have super bright light.  When the lights go out at home, its an inconvenience.  When they go out on your boat, it’s an emergency!

Although you should never drink and drive, it’s fun to have a drink onboard your boat when you’re anchored and relaxing.  What about a classic Navy flask designed to hold pirate’s rum?

Do they haul their pride and joy to the water and launch it each time they go boating?  They will really appreciate a backup camera for the truck to help them connect the trailer each time.  I used to haul a trailer and one of the most frustrating tasks for me was trying to hitch a large trailer by myself.  A backup camera, makes it easy and fast.



I think all boaters are into food.  There is something about a lake or the ocean that makes me hungry for great food.  A great gift that will give your boaters months of pleasure is nautical gift basket of platter.  Filled with great coastal delights, a gift basket will keep them thinking of you long after you have given them the gift.

Not all the excitement is on the boat.  Boats are wonderful vehicles for sightseeing, viewing nature, and spying on other boaters. Did IBoating Gifts Big Game Reel Salt and Pepper Mills just say that out loud?  To do all this viewing you need a good pair of binoculars designed to be waterproof and fog proof in marine environments.

I think you get the idea!  We wanted to help you out by putting together our Top 15 Best Unique Boater Gifts list so that you can have a great starting point to put a big smile on their face on their special day.  You won’t see a list like this anyplace else, because we’re not putting down the most popular items, the hottest gifts, or the chic gifts.  Instead, we’ve included real-world, practical items in our list that they will love and will use for years to come.  Every time they use their new gift, they will think of you!


Our list should help you whether you’re looking for boating gifts for men, boating gifts for women, unique gifts for boaters, nautical gifts in general, boat accessories gifts, or gifts specifically for boat owners.


Read on to see if you can find some boating gifts ideas they’ll love from our list!  Then, just click on the picture to get help choosing the right brand and model.



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This list should give you some great ideas for gifts!  As always thanks for reading our gift article!  We sincerely hope that this article has given you valuable information that you can use to find the most unique boating gifts for your family and friends!