Car Battery Jump Starter: Best Compact Battery Booster 2016


Everyone should carry a car battery jump starter in their vehicle for those unforeseen emergencies when your battery goes dead and your car won’t start.  There are many styles of battery boosters to choose from including simple jump starters to models with a lot of bells and whistles.  Some extra features you can get include pneumatic air compressors to inflate tires, USB ports to charge portable electric devices, and flashlights to help you see to charge in the dark.

Most car battery jump starters will successfully start your car in an emergency, but bringing them along has a price.  Battery jumpPowerAll PBJC12000R Car Battery Jump Starter Jump Start View starters are really just portable 12V batteries with jumper cables attached.  That means they are large and heavy.

Big, heavy jump starters cause a few problems for the average user.  First, all portable jump starters need to be charged periodically, just like a car battery, in order to make sure they’re ready when you need them in an emergency.  In order to charge them, you need to carry them into your home or garage and plug them into a household outlet.  Heavy battery boosters are more difficult to lug around to do the charging.

Second, jump starters can be large.  That means that they take up more space that you probably would want them to in your vehicle.  That space may not feel like much at first, but it can make carrying other items more awkward or even prevent you from carrying additional items.

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Third, a car battery jump starter can be awkward to handle in emergency situations.  In most cases you need to place them near your battery while you start the vehicle.  The odd shapes of some boosters can make it difficult to both safely place the device near your battery and then start your car.

What you really need is a safe, compact, lightweight, easy-to-handle car battery jump starter that doesn’t take up a lot of space, is highly portable, and can be safely placed near your battery during emergencies.  Also, it would be nice if this jump starter had a couple of additional features like the ability to charge other portable electronic devices and a light for safe jump starts after dark.

Well there is good news.  One manufacturer realized the difficulties users were having with traditional jump starters and designed a new model that has all the features you want along with being small, easily transportable, and lightweight.

We’re talking about PowerAll’s new PBJS12000R portable power bank and car jump starter.  It meets our requirements precisely without breaking the bank.  Read on to see if this is the perfect car battery jump starter for you!

PowerAll PBJS12000R Power Bank and Car Battery Jump Starter

PowerAll PBJS12000R Car Battery Jump Starter Full ViewThe first thing you will notice about the PowerAll PBJS12000R is its compact size.  If you didn’t know differently, it would be hard for you to believe that such a small package could charge a full-size 12-volt battery in a car or truck.  How did they put all that power in such a small battery booster?  Not only that, but how did they also include USB ports to charge all your other portable electronic devices and a handy LED light for jump starts after dark?  It’s no wonder that it’s been called the Swiss Army knife of portable battery chargers.  There is no doubt that this is an amazing, safe device that will be hardly noticeable when you’re not using it, but ready to go in an emergency.  Take a look at all of its great features.

Car Battery Jump Starter Features

  • Combines 3 different functions in one device, a battery charger, a car jump starter, and an LED flashlight
  • Compact design that can actually fit inside your pocket, backpack, or glove box
  • Important safety features include over current protection to protect against circuit damage, short circuit protection to protect the power supply, overload protection to protect its own battery,  over-voltage protection that auto-stabilizes output voltage and protect connected devices, and over-charge protection to shut off automatically and protect electronic devices from damage.
  • Two 5-volt/2.1 amp USB ports charge two separate electronic devices simultaneously like smartphones, tablets, cameras,PowerAll PBJS12000R Car Battery Jump Starter Adapters View camcorders, GPS unit, MP3 players, wireless headphones, and portable gaming systems.
  • Once your portable devices are charged, the PowerAll goes into sleep mode to protect the devices from overcharging and to preserve the battery
  • Conveniently start your vehicle 20 times on a full charge
  • Ultra-bright LED flashlight with three illumination modes including flashlight, strobe light, SOS signal flash that can continue to signal for help up to 120 hours.
  • Includes 8 different major charging adapters to fit your specific portable electronic devices
  • Safety jumper cables and AC and DC chargers are included


  • Impressive power in a small package
  • Very easy to use
  • Great features
  • Super value


  • Carrying case not included
  • Some reports of plastic clamps melting during use
  • Needs better flap for cable plug-in
  • LED status lights are not very bright


PowerAll PBJS12000R Car Battery Jump Starter Review

Car Battery Jump Starter Comparison Chart

TitleClore JNC660 'Jump-N-Carry' 1,700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump StarterClore JNC300XL 'Jump-N-Carry' 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable 12-Volt Jump Starter with LightSchumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries 2200 Peak Amps Jump Starter and Portable Power UnitSchumacher PSJ-1812 DSR ProSeries 1800 Peak Amps Jump Starter and Portable Power UnitClore ES2500 'Booster PAC' 900 Peak Amp 12V Jump StarterPowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Red/Black Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter
Feature1700 peak ampere
Battery status indicator gauge
46 inch heavy-duty #4 cables
DC outlet to power 12 volt accessories
This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
900 peak amps and 225 cranking amp, with 27 inches of #4 gauge jumper cables
Full size clamps to penetrate battery corrosion
Equips with a high intensity work light
Note: This item is Hazmat and non-returnable
This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
2200 peak amperes, 330 cranking ampere and 275 cold cranking amperes
22 Ah professional grade, high output AGM battery
12 Volt DC power outlet
3 ampere built-in, automatic charger
Heavy duty clamp have replaceable copper jaws
1800 peak amperes, 280 cranking ampere and 225 cold cranking amperes
18 Ah professional grade, high output AGM battery
12 Volt DC power outlet
Built in automatic charger
LED indicators for charging, charged and battery status
900 peak amperes/300 cranking amperes
21" #4 gauge cables, Automatic recharging
Industrial grade, Hot Jaw clamps
This item cannot be returned and has additional shipping restrictions
This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
Portable battery charger with charging adapters for all major electronic devices
Compact car jump starter that can jump start your car 20 times on a full charge
Ultra-bright LED flash light, strobe light, and SOS signal light that lasts 120 hours
Built-in protection features: over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection
Portable compact design that will easily fit in your pocket, backpack, or glove box for convenience
Height5.1 inch7.25 inch15.15 inch12.25 inch11.3 inch1.25 inch
Weight18 pound5 pound21.47 pound18.35 pound19.8 pound1 pound
Width14.1 inch7.75 inch4.72 inch8.75 inch18.4 inch2.88 inch
Rating0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
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    I jumped a ford diesel tractor in the winter with my pbjs12000 it had a 4dlt battery in it. also jumped several 7.3l and 6.6l diesel trucks.

    • Mark Ridgeway

      It’s amazing what these compact jump starters can do!