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Vehicle Battery: 7 Cold Winter Weather Facts You Need To Know!

You take time to make sure your radiator has the proper mix of anti-freeze and you top off your wiper fluid with a brand that includes anti-freeze, but do you think about your vehicle battery when cold winter weather hits?  Here
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Best Car Battery Brand: Optima – Best Battery Brand?

If you currently have a personal favorite that you believe is the best car battery brand, it’s probably one of the big names like DieHard, OPTIMA, Duralast, or Interstate.  The battery business in the U.S. is huge, but the number of
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Optima Batteries: Same High-Quality As Ever!

I don’t know if you’ve heard the buzz on the forums, but it seems everywhere I go I hear that Optima batteries aren’t the same quality as they used to be.  Why?  The #1 comment is that they sent the manufacturing
Best Car Battery Optima 8040-218-FFP YellowTop

Best Car Battery: Optima 8040-218-FFP YellowTop Car Battery

First it’s important to recognize that there are only a few battery manufacturers in the U.S. who produce under many different brand names.  So if you’re thinking that you might choose a Duralast, Optima, Interstate or Diehard battery as the best