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Vehicle Battery Charger: Featured Image

Vehicle Battery Charger: How to Choose a Car Battery Charger

What is a vehicle battery charger? It charges car batteries, right? How complicated can it be? Believe it or not, there are literally hundreds of models of chargers to fill every situation. What’s your situation? Your particular situation will determine which
12V Car Battery Charger: Featured Image

12V Car Battery Charger: Battery Jump Starter or Car Battery Charger?

The primary consideration when choosing between a 12V car battery charger and a jump starter is whether your purpose is to carry the device in the car for emergencies when your battery is dead or you just need to charge and
NOCO Genius G3500 Featured Image

How to Charge a 12V Battery: Important Battery Tender Maintenance

How to Charge a 12V Battery: Important Battery Tender Maintenance When you ask how to charge a 12V battery, your next question could be how to maintain a 12V battery.  Most folks are familiar with battery chargers that can charge a
Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Featured Image

Motorcycle Jump Starter: Motorcycle Battery Boost Tips

Motorcycle Jump Starter: Motorcycle Battery Boost Tips There will be days when your motorcycle will not start. There is no way you can stay at home or be stranded at work or the store.  You’re too busy and have too much to do.
Vehicle Battery Cold Weather Featured Image

Vehicle Battery: 7 Cold Winter Weather Facts You Need To Know!

You take time to make sure your radiator has the proper mix of anti-freeze and you top off your wiper fluid with a brand that includes anti-freeze, but do you think about your vehicle battery when cold winter weather hits?  Here
Coleman Cable 08660 Featured Image

Best Jumper Cables: Top Booster Cables For Your Vehicle 2018

First of all, if you’re thinking about buying the best jumper cables, I commend you for considering putting this important piece of safety equipment in your car or your family member’s car.  Over the years, I’ve used booster cables to jump

How To Choose A 24V Battery Charger: Best Buying Tips

You need a 24v battery charger and you’re not sure how to choose one.  You have come to the right place.  This article is about how to choose a 24v battery charger. Choosing a 24v battery charger is a matter of

How To Jump Start A Car Battery Safely and Correctly

I’m glad I know how to jump start a car! It happened to me!!  I took my daughter to her volleyball tournament on a nasty day in February. Our minivan has automatic shut-off on the lights, so under normal circumstances there