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12V Car Battery Charger: Featured Image

12V Car Battery Charger: Battery Jump Starter or Car Battery Charger?

The primary consideration when choosing between a 12V car battery charger and a jump starter is whether your purpose is to carry the device in the car for emergencies when your battery is dead or you just need to charge and
Jump-N-Carry Featured Image

Car Battery Charger Jump Starter:  Top 8 Best Rated Portable Lead-Acid Battery Boosters

A portable car battery charger jump starter allows you to jump start your car without the need for jumper cables, a Good Samaritan, or a donor vehicle.  Lithium-ion models are all the rage, but there are still some features that you
Brightech Spider Featured Image

Jump Start: Top 7 Ultra Compact Lithium Battery Jump Starters

It used to be if you said jump start it would bring up images in my mind of finding my jumper cables, looking around for a Good Samaritan with a vehicle who is willing to jump me, and then properly hooking everything up
NOCO Genius GB20 Featured Image

Auto Battery Jumper: Jumper Cables vs Lithium Jump Starters

Auto Battery Jumper: Jumper Cables vs Lithium Jump Starters You’ve probably heard of the new lithium auto battery jumper devices, but you’re wondering if you should buy one of those or stick with the tried and true jumper cables you are
Brightech Scorpion Featured Image

Lithium Jump Starter: Best New Battery Booster Brand 2016

If you’re looking for a new lithium jump starter?  Brightech is the rising star among lithium ion battery booster brands.  A lithium jump starter is the perfect companion for your vehicle.  It has the capability to jump start your vehicle’s battery
Car Starter: Featured Image

Car Starter: Top 7 Compact Battery Jump Starters 2018

A car starter has traditionally been just a lead-acid battery in a box with built-in jumper cables.  That makes them almost as heavy as a car battery and unwieldy to use. A car starter also needs to be recharged just like a
Vehicle Battery Cold Weather Featured Image

Vehicle Battery: 7 Cold Winter Weather Facts You Need To Know!

You take time to make sure your radiator has the proper mix of anti-freeze and you top off your wiper fluid with a brand that includes anti-freeze, but do you think about your vehicle battery when cold winter weather hits?  Here
Coleman Cable 08660 Featured Image

Best Jumper Cables: Top Booster Cables For Your Vehicle 2018

First of all, if you’re thinking about buying the best jumper cables, I commend you for considering putting this important piece of safety equipment in your car or your family member’s car.  Over the years, I’ve used booster cables to jump
Cartman Featured Image

Jumper Cables: Top 5 Best Rated Booster Cables 2017

The wind had to be blowing over 40 mph and it was raining hard.  After my daughter’s volleyball tournament was over, we went out to the car and found that the battery was too low to start the car.  We didn’t