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Wheeled Battery Charger: Featured Image

Wheeled Battery Charger: Top Rated Manual Wheeled Battery Charger Tester

A wheeled battery charger is a valuable tool that can keep operations flowing at car dealerships and other fleet operations.  A wheeled battery charger, that also has built-in emergency starting, trickle charging, and the capability to analyze electrical and starting system
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Trickle Charger for Motorcycle: Best Value Motorcycle Charger and Maintainer

Motorcycles are more likely than other vehicles to be stored in the wintertime and because of that they need a trickle charger for motorcycle to keep the battery in good shape while they are stored.  The new models of trickle charger
NOCO Genius 2-Bank Featured Image

Boat Battery Charger: Best Rated 2-Bank Marine Charger

You have a boat with two 12V batteries and you need a marine battery charger designed specifically for your situation.  You shouldn’t buy a 24V single bank battery charger and run the charge through both batteries.  One of the batteries will
CTEK MULTI US-7002 Featured Image

Battery Maintainer: Powerful High-Tech Battery Tender Charger

When it comes to car battery chargers or other vehicle battery chargers, what most people think is that they are going to hook up the charger to the car battery or motorcycle battery and simply charge it until the battery has
NOCO BLSOLAR5 Featured Image

Solar Car Battery Charger: Top 5 Best Rated 5W Solar Battery Tenders

Okay, let’s be honest…a solar car battery charger is not really for charging your vehicle’s dead battery.  It’s best as a solar battery tender that maintains your battery’s charge after it’s already mostly charged.  When you’re in a situation where it’s
NOCO Genius G3500 Featured Image

Deep Cycle Battery Charger: 5 Top Rated Smart Chargers 2018

You use or are thinking about using a deep-cycle battery probably in a marine application and you’re wondering where to find a good deep cycle battery charger to keep it charged when you need it.  Not all lead-acid car battery chargers are
Men's Birthday Balloons

Birthday Gifts Men Love: Top 15 Men’s Birthday Gifts 2017

It’s always the same story; what to buy a man for his birthday.  It’s hard to know what birthday gifts men like in general let alone those to buy for the object of your affection. The first question you should ask
NOCO BLSOLAR2 Featured Image

Solar Powered Battery Chargers:  Most Popular Charger 2017

Have you been considering buying one of the solar powered battery chargers, but you’re unsure where to start?  This article is designed to help you understand the difference between 12V solar battery chargers so that you can choose the right one
CTEK MUS 4.3 Featured Image

Auto Battery Charger:  Best Next Gen Car Battery Charger 2016

Most auto battery charger technology has been around for several years and while it still works, it’s about time for a manufacturer to step up and advance the industry. If we could have a car battery charger that would meet all
SunForce 50022 Featured Image

SunForce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger

  Whether you are trying to charge a battery off-the-grid or you just want to be greener, there is no doubt that a solar battery charger can help you. Solar power battery chargers harness the sun’s energy and via a photovoltaic