A commercial battery charger has the power and endurance to charge fleet vehicles, vehicles in for repair, construction equipment, dealership vehicles, and more.  The key to a good commercial battery charger is powerful performance which means it can charge vehicle after vehicle quickly and reliably.  When it comes to the fleet, time is truly money.

Commercial Battery Charger: Associated Equipment 6002B 400 Amp Main ViewWhen it comes to the capability of a commercial battery charger, possibly second to performance is versatility.  You need the power, but you have several different types and sizes of batteries in your fleet.  Rather than having to buy several battery chargers, buying a single powerful, flexible vehicle battery charger that can handle all of them just makes sense.

So, what should you look for when trying to buy that single commercial battery charger that can handle most of your battery charging needs?

Powerful Performance

We already touched on performance, but what does performance mean?  It’s the commercial battery charger’s continuous charging amps rating.  That rating determines generally the rate at which a vehicle battery charger will be able to charge a battery.


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Crank Assist

Some models come with start assist which can be a lifesaver when you need to use a vehicle and don’t want to have to wait for its battery to charge to full capacity.  Not all units have it so if you need it, make sure it’s an option.


A powerful commercial battery charger is also going to be heavy.  You don’t want to have to lug it from vehicle to vehicle, so many have added wheels and a handle to the battery charger, so you can easily wheel it around.  If it’s heavy and you’re not planning to keep it in the back of a pickup truck or on a flatbed, having it on wheels is the best way to go.





Not all wheeled chargers are highly transportable.  If the handle is too short or the wheels are too small, it may be almost more of a pain to wheel it around as it would be to put it on a vehicle to move it.  Make sure any model you choose has decent sized wheels, over 6-inches, and a long enough handle to give you some leverage when moving it.


The enemy of a powerful battery charger is heat.  Prolonged exposure to heat or repeated incidents of overheating will reduce the unit’s lifespan, possibly significantly.  A heavy-duty car battery charger needs a reliable cooling mechanism to prevent overheating.  Many models come with integrated fan cooling just for that purpose.


Most industry-grade battery chargers are not just powerful, they can be dangerous if not handled properly.  Look for heavily insulated alligator spring clamps that protect the user from shocks and that are rated for the amperage of the unit.  Some models have reverse polarity detection that warns if the clamps are incorrectly attached.  Also, look for CSA/UL testing certification.


We searched industry battery chargers forums, retail sites, manufacturer sites, customer review sites, and social media to find the most popular and highly rated wheeled battery chargers.


Take a look at our choice and see if this high-performance battery charger is the best vehicle battery charger for your needs!


Associated Equipment 6002B 6/12/18/24V 100/80/50/40 Amp 400 Amp Wheeled Battery Charger with Cranking Assist

Associated Equipment Corporation Commercial Battery Charger: Associated Equipment 6002B 400 Amp Main Viewwas established in 1948 and is known in the industry for providing the highest quality, professional grade battery chargers and testers.  Their Associated Equipment 6002B 6/12/18/24V 100/80/50/40 Amp 400 Amp Wheeled Battery Charger with Cranking Assist, the highest performance fleet charger on the market, is an excellent example of their equipment performance and quality.  Designed for “Safe in any Weather Operation,” it is rated up to an 80 Amp continuous charge with 400 Amps on demand crank assist.  Safety features include patented Stop/Go Light reverse polarity protection and spark proof 500-Amp insulated safety clamps.  Durable construction and materials along with vacuum impregnated isolation transformers, flexi-spring cable guards, a heavy-duty chrome plated handle, and a fan cooling mechanism all mean a long useful life.  In addition to being a 12V battery charger, this model is also a 6 volt battery charger and a 24 volt battery charger as well.  This is the ideal heavy-duty vehicle battery charger for fleet operators of all sizes.


Commercial Battery Charger: Features

  • 6/12/18/24V, 100/80/50/40 Amp 400-Amp crank assist wheeled commercial battery charger
  • Rated up to 80-Amps (12V) continuous charge with 400-Amps (12V) on demand crank assist
  • Uses vacuum impregnated isolation transformers meet UL/CSA Outdoor Standards for “Safe in any weather” operation with less vibration and lower noise
  • Highest performance fleet charger on the market
  • Patented Stop/Go Light polarity protection system (Green good/Red bad) prevents damage to the vehicle’s electronics, the battery, and the charger from improper connection
  • 500-Amp safety clamps are insulated and spark proof
  • Flexi-Spring cable guards relieve cable stress and extend cable life
  • Patented “Sub-Sil” Multi-diode rectifier provides spare diodes designed to create a redundant system that activates in case of failure to eliminate downtime and reduce the need for expensive repairs
  • Heavy-duty chrome plated handle
  • Automatic timer
  • Fan cooling mechanism prevents overheating and increase lifespan
  • Automatic reset AC and DC circuit breakers
  • 10-foot (14-3) AC power cord
  • 8-foot (4 AWG) DC leads
  • Rugged 7-inch tires roll smoothly over rough terrain
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-Year limited transformer-rectifier limited warranty


Customer Reviews

See Associated Equipment 6002B 6/12/18/24V 100/80/50/40 Amp 400 Amp Wheeled Battery Charger with Cranking Assist Customer Reviews >>>



  • Reasonable price
  • Heavy-duty construction and materials
  • Reliable, long life operation
  • Versatile charging system



  • Some find the dial marking confusing
  • Poor instruction manual











Associated Equipment 6002B 6/12/18/24V 100/80/50/40 Amp 400 Amp Wheeled Battery Charger with Cranking Assist User Manual >>>





Commercial Battery Charger



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