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    • Hi Joe, thanks for your question. I think you mean you want to charge the XP2260 (jump starter) with the 1200 (battery charger)? You shouldn’t need a battery charger to charge the XP2260 as it comes with its own charging adapter. I hope that answers your question. -Mark

  1. Hello,

    My name is Toky Ranaivoson and I created and patented a new type of clamp I think you should see. It’s the safest clamps ever produced. Clamps can safely touch and you can even hold the clamps in one hand without any fear of sparks when it’s connected to a live battery. It’s the first clamps of it’s kind.

    Please contact me back so that I can send you pictures. I also have a proposal for you if you are interested.


    • Hi Toky, thanks for contacting us. is an affiliate site primarily and we don’t sell products of our own. I’m not sure we could write a post that would help you as we’re looking for retail products that are sold on Amazon and Ebay. Our parent, RFE Products Company, imports a variety of products that it resells in the U.S., but they are typically not parts of product, but whole products. Correct me if I’m wrong. -Mark

  2. i have a honda fit 2013, i bought it last year new, the battery has died 3 times in the last 8 month, battery was replaced died again

    i like to buy a solar battery charger that keeps the battery going

    my battery in the car is 12 volt, 340 cca, 151r part#32500nc-00100m
    what is the best solar system to buy?

  3. Am looking for:
    Astro SP0616 Smart Plug 6 Gauge 16-Feet Booster Cables
    I have one set and really like it.
    Does not let me hook it up wrong.
    Where can I get a set?
    Regards, JimM

  4. The Prius starter battery has a single positive charging port under the hood, and the battery itself is apparently somewhere in the back. My question – the new Lithium jump starters say connect to positive and negative terminals which won’t be convenient, perhaps not possible, with the Prius – do the Lithium chargers work using a grounding bolt instead of a negative terminal, or do I need a lead acid battery charger? Toyota refuses to answer the question.

    • Hi D Wilson, Here’s a video that describes how to jump start your Prius. I’m sure there are others. I’m not an expert on the Prius, but any jump starter should be able to function with the negative clip connected to ground. The reason that lithium jump starters specify being connected to the terminals is because most are sparkproof and reverse polarity protected which is why with jumper cables you always connect the negative cable to ground. Jumper cables can cause sparks when you try to connect them directly to the battery which could ignite gases around the battery and cause an explosion. I hope that helps! -Mark

  5. Have a new 12117 battery minder and am confused about green maintenance button. What is if for and how does one know what position it is in after the button is pushed. I see no indicator lights that show regular charging or maintenance mode…. thanks. Larry

    • Hi Larry, According to the manual, when you press the green Maintenance button, the unit skips the constant power or bulk mode and goes right to Float mode (maintenance mode). Your indication that it is in Float mode should be a flashing green light. I attached the manual to an email and sent it to you in case you don’t have one. I hope that helps. – Mark

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