The right forklift battery chargers can make all the difference between having a forklift ready to go at the beginning of a shift orAftermarket Hyster Forklift Battery Chargers Full View losing valuable time to a down forklift.

So what do you need to consider when choosing a forklift battery charger?  An important consideration is cost.  Make sure you know all the costs associated with your purchase.  When you buy a charger you may not get the power supply connection cables.  If not, that can be a significant additional cost on top of the already expensive forklift battery charger.  Also, if you don’t have in-house expertise to wire in the charger, you may have to add the cost of an electrician.

As you might imagine, forklift battery chargers draw a lot of current when starting and while charging.  Particularly when the charger first starts you will see a spike in current draw that if not planned for could overload your circuit.  The last thing you need is to bring your warehouse or production line to a halt because you blew out a circuit breaker kicking on the battery charger.  Pay close attention to the chargers electrical specifications and make sure your electrical service is up to the task.




In addition to the power supply connection cables, there are charger output cables that connect to the forklift.  The problem is that those cables may not reach the forklift from where you decided to locate the charger.  Make sure you plan carefully where you’re planning to locate the charger so that the output cables reach the forklift or you may have to acquire longer cables if they are available.

Forklifts can cause a lot of damage around your warehouse or other facility.  That’s just a fact of life.  The same possibility of damage applies to your forklift battery charger.  Be sure the output cables and the charger itself are elevated away from the body and forks of the forklift to prevent accidental damage.

Caterpillar Forklift Lift Down Left Side ViewJust like forklift battery chargers, forklift batteries are expensive.  If you buy the wrong battery charger or if it’s not adjusted properly, you can cause damage to your forklift battery requiring its replacement.  In addition, incorrectly matched chargers will reduce the useful life of your forklift’s battery and possibly reduce the useful time that your forklift is available during work.  Whenever you replace the forklift’s battery you need to go through the same process of matching because the new battery may not have the same characteristics as the old one.  Be sure that the technician setting up the charger matches it to the forklift’s battery.

This probably goes without saying, but the battery charger’s output must be matched to the voltage of the forklift’s battery and electrical system to avoid damage to the battery and possibly to the electrical system.

Make sure that the output connection match the connecting points on the forklift’s battery.

You’re already spending a lot on the new forklift battery charger.  There is one area that you shouldn’t shortchange.  Make sure you purchase a smart charger that has the capability to detect a full charge and automatically either stop the charging process or revert to a float or trickle charge mode.  Given Murphy’s Law, it would be a mistake to count on someone to monitor and stop the charging process when the battery is fully charged.



Batteries charge at different rates depending on the ambient temperature.  Make sure you buy a smart charger that can detect battery temperature and automatically compensate.

If possible, buy a forklift battery charger that has desulphation capability.  That means that the charger has a mode that can remove damaging lead sulfate from the battery’s plates prolonging its life.

With those factors in mind, we have done the research and found what we consider to be the most capable forklift battery chargers.  Our list includes smart, reliable, and durable chargers that will keep you lifting for years.  Read on to see if one of these chargers is the perfect match for your operation.

Forklift Battery Chargers: 5 Tough Smart Chargers Keep You Lifting


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