If you have friends or family on your gift list and you’re not quite sure what to buy them, gift Amazon Prime.  When you gift Amazon Prime you’re giving a gift that will provide your friends or family with ongoing benefits that they will continue to discover all year long. From music, to video, to Free shipping, to Prime Now they will enjoy amazing entertainment, fantastic shopping convenience, and save money at the same time.

Even more, don’t be afraid to gift Amazon Prime to your own family.  If you don’t yet have Amazon Prime or you’re waffling about giving it as a gift, this article is designed to get you past those hurdlesGift Amazon Prime Logo and on to an exciting new life with Amazon Prime!

What is Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime? First of all, my family has Amazon Prime.  We got it to take advantage of all the free movie streaming available on Amazon Prime Instant Video.  If I get nothing else across to you in this article, you need to understand that Amazon Prime is a great deal!  No matter what you read below and no matter if I did a good job of convincing you, if you understand that one thing, this article will have been a success!

I bought it mostly for the free movies and TV shows, but I found out later there were some additional benefits that might even outweigh its amazing online content.


Gift Amazon Prime Benefits

Gift Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping

I shop a lot online at Amazon.  I love that you can read tons of reviews about each product and the prices are great.  If you buy online and shop at Amazon then their FREE two-day shipping program will make you smile!  I have literally saved 100’s of dollars buying Prime-eligible products and getting FREE two-day shipping.  Yes, that’s right, you can buy any eligible product, no matter how big or small, light or heavy and Amazon will ship it to you so that it arrives in two days.  Just from this one feature, Amazon Prime can literally pay for itself in just a few purchases.  Beyond that, for many products, if you don’t need to receive it in two days, you an choose to receive an incentive like coupons for the Prime Pantry or money off products instead.

But, that’s not all, you also get FREE standard shipping, low-cost one-day shipping as low as $2.99 per item,  Saturday shipping for as low as $7.99 per item, and same-day delivery in many cities for only $5.99 per shipment.

For times when you absolutely need or want your item or gift to arrive quickly at its destination, Amazon Prime can save you a ton of money.


Prime Instant Video

This is why I bought Amazon Prime in the first place.  I wanted to watch FREE Amazon instant movies online using their Amazon Video On Demand service called Prime Instant Video. There are literally hundreds of FREE Amazon Prime movies and TV shows available on Amazon Prime and they’re all delivered directly to your internet-connected device.  We got rid of Netflix which automatically saved us enough money in one year to more than pay for Amazon Prime.


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NEW Prime Now

Prime now offers select household items and essentials you need everyday plus the best of Amazon, with FREE 2-hour delivery in select areas.  That’s right, when you gift Amazon Prime, your friends and family, who live in a Prime Now area will be able to get Amazon products delivered right to their door in two hours for FREE.


Interested in learning about other great gifts for friends and family?  Be sure and see our other articles about some of the best!


 NEW Prime Now Restaurant Delivery

Further, if your friends and family live in certain cities like Manhattan, Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Tampa, Orlando and Portland, Oregon, they can get FREE 1-hour delivery from restaurants there.

NEW Prime Now Shop Local Stores

Shop Local Stores features local store delivery in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle.



NEW Prime Music

I didn’t even know this was available until I looked at the most recent Prime features.  With Prime Music, you get unlimited access to more than a million ad-free song and hundreds of Prime Playlists.  We listen to some music through FIOS, but with Prime Music, we can switch and get more music for FREE!

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

My wife is a diehard Kindle fan having read hundreds of books and played tons of games on the very first Kindle and more recently the Kindle Fire I got her.  The Kindle Fire is a great device by the way!  She is also very budget-minded, clips coupons, and is constantly looking for deals.   Amazon Prime’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library is perfect for her.  She has download dozens of books to her Kindle from the library and she loves taking advantage of this FREE service.

Kindle First

Another feature my wife loves is Kindle First.  It allows her to stand at the head of the line once per month to get a new book from the Kindle First Picks list completely FREE!

Prime Pantry

I haven’t used Prime Pantry so I don’t know much about it.  According to Amazon, with your Prime membership, you can purchase and ship grocery, household, and pet care items to anyplace in the 48 states for a flat delivery rate of only $5.99.  Now that I know about it, we will definitely check it out.

Membership Sharing

Another really great feature of Prime is its Membership Sharing feature.  We definitely have taken advantage of this in the past when one of our kids had to move into our house with their family.  We have a small business and we’re also planning to open up our Prime membership to four of our employees who use Amazon a lot.  It’s such a great program and so helpful for Amazon buyers.


Amazon Prime Give The Gift Banner


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FREE Trial

Probably the best deal going is that you can try Amazon Prime before you buy thanks to Amazon’s Prime FREE trial.  If you’re still unsure about the value of a Prime membership, you can go ahead and try their Amazon Prime Membership FREE without any risk or obligation.





So whatever you do, make sure you at least gift Amazon Prime for yourself.  Never forget though, that Amazon Prime may just be the BEST GIFT EVER!!


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Thanks for reading my rambling post about Amazon Prime!  I sincerely hope that it has provided you with valuable information that helps you make your own decision to gift Amazon Prime!