If you have a golf cart, a golf cart charger is an essential part of your golfing routine.  You’re in the market for one, but it’s difficultGolf Cart Side View to compare and know you’re getting a good value.

Here are some things to consider when shopping for a golf cart battery charger.

What type of battery is in your golf cart?

The majority of golf cart batteries fit within a narrow range of size and voltages.  However, your cart may not be in the majority.  For instance if it has a true deep cycle battery, a starting battery, an AGM (absorbed glass mat), or a gel cel you will need a charger that can handle those unique battery types.

How often do you use your cart?

If it sits for long periods, you are going to need a battery maintainer or tender as much as a charger.  Battery maintainers keep your battery charged automatically during down periods so that it is ready to go out on the links when you are.




If you use your cart often, you may need a charger that has the ability to keep up with you.  In other words, a faster charger will put you back out on the course without having to wait while the cart charges.

Do you need to take the charger to the cart?

If you use a charger for multiple golf carts or store the charger in a different location than the cart, you should look for good portability.  Usually, that means lighter chargers designed to be durable and transported more easily.


Whatever your needs, the Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Charger & Vehicle Battery Charger could be the equipment that rescues your tee off time!


Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Charger & Vehicle Battery Charger

Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Charger Full ViewYou will find a large number of golf car battery chargers on the market, but the Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart & Vehicle Battery Charger is one of the most popular. It is also a highly-rated golf cart charger for its durability and value.

Battery drainage can be considered one of the most common problems that sideline golf carts and keep them from being part of the action.  The Stanley GBCPRO is designed to keep your cart ready to go when you are without a lot of work.  It has the ability to detect low voltages and charge a wide range of batteries between 6 and 48V. It is more than powerful enough to charge motorcycles, golf carts, motor boats and many motor vehicles.

The advanced features and specifications of the Stanley GBCPRO Golf have contributed to its enduring popularity and made it one of the most important golf cart accessories. A large LCD digital display shows the status of the battery charging process.  ThisStanley GBCPRO Golf Cart Charger Kit View Stanley comes with four different adapter cables designed to fit most golf carts.  They include a rectangular cart connector, round cart connector, universal o rings and standard battery clamps.  However, you should note that the standard battery clamps are only compatible with 6V, 12V and 24V batteries. The entire battery charger is coated for moisture protection and this ensures its durability. You can carry this charger wherever you go and avoid a dead and useless golf cart.





Among its safety features, the Stanley GBCPRO has reverse polarity protection technology in order to eliminate sparks. This feature has impressed many users of this battery charger and you can clearly see it from the customer testimonials available online. Also, this charger is capable of detecting battery voltage automatically for additional protection against battery damage. The time it takes for this charger to charge a battery depends on its power. Usually, you can fully charge a battery within six to ten hours. When it finishes the charging process, it will automatically switch to a maintenance mode that can keep your battery topped off without overcharging.  This charger is a hands-free device that frees you from worrying about overcharging your battery.


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  • Has a wide range of battery charging capacities including 6V, 12V, 24V and 48V.
  • The charging time is low when compared to other available chargers.
  • A user friendly LCD display
  • Maintenance mode that will keep you from overcharging your cart’s battery


  • Relatively expensive when compared to competitive products.

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Golf Cart Charger


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  • James Newman
    Posted October 19, 2014 at 10:55 pm 0Likes

    In New Zealand we have 230Vac 50 Cycles. Can I run the Stanley Gbcpro Golf Cart Battery Charger on a 230 to 110 step down transformer on our frequency and if so what size Wattage step down transformer would I need ?

  • Jim
    Posted April 3, 2015 at 3:44 pm 0Likes

    Hi guys ………… I recently purchased a Stanley GBCPRO to charge the batteries on my 36volt EZGO Golf Cart. ………… It has been plugged in and charging for nearly -24- hours and is only reading a charge at about 9.6……………. I selected “wet type” and “rapid charge,” and still the indicator is NOT indicating “FUL.” How long should it take to show FUL” Am I missing a step or do I have a malfunctioning GPCPRO? ……………
    Any suggestions will be appreciated. ……………. Thanks, Jim

    • Mark Ridgeway
      Posted April 3, 2015 at 4:35 pm 0Likes

      Hi Jim, we don’t provide support here for your battery charger or golf cart however, I would like to help. If you know that your battery is not bad, then I would contact Baccus Global, the importer of your charger for further help. Here is their contact page – http://www.stanley12volt.com/#!contact/cxs5 Also, their support number is (877) 571- 2391. If you have not tested the battery, you should get the battery tested to make sure the battery can accept a charge. I wish I could be more help! -Mark

  • Tim
    Posted April 30, 2015 at 4:40 pm 0Likes

    Where can I buy a golf cart battery cherger? 36v 8 amp?

    • Mark Ridgeway
      Posted April 30, 2015 at 7:11 pm 0Likes

      Hi Tim, I see that your email is from New Zealand, so that limits the options a little bit. I don’t have any special knowledge of New Zealand. I suggest you contact a local golf cart seller who offers parts and maintenance and they will most likely also sell battery chargers. Online, you can buy from Amazon, but depending on where the vender is located, you may have to pay outrageous shipping and fees. eBay is another option, but the problem may be the same. Another option is to contact the large golf cart battery charger manufacturers and ask for a dealer in New Zealand. Some battery charger manufacturers with reasonably priced models include Baccus Global (Stanley) and EZ-Go of course Baccus Global contact information is Baccus Global, the importer of your charger for further help. Here is their contact page – http://www.stanley12volt.com/#!contact/cxs5 Also, their support number is (877) 571- 2391. I believe they may have a dealership in New Zealand or Australia. EZ-Go is everywhere. You should be able to buy a charger from them in New Zealand. New Zealand Golf Carts and Parts Ltd is in Hamilton and I think some other cities as well and they should sell chargers. I hope that helps! -Mark

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