The Guest battery charger line is a new, updated offering from Marinco, one of the most trusted brands in marine battery chargers.  A Guest battery charger is an onboard battery charger that you can mount on your boat to charge a starting battery, house batteries, a trolling motor battery, and more.

Guest Battery Charger: ChargePro 3-Bank 15-Amp Main ViewIf you have multiple batteries to charge on your boat, then a Guest battery charger can save you time and money by providing the proper charging profile independently to each battery type from individual battery charger banks.  By providing your batteries exactly the recharging program they need, your batteries will remain healthy longer and serve you longer before needing replacement.


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An onboard battery charger like a Guest Charge Pro charger also saves you time because it can be mounted directly to your boat and permanently connect it to your batteries.  Mounting your Guest battery charger means you don’t have to carry a battery charger back and forth to each battery, and at the dock, you just need to plug in one power cable to take care of all your battery charging.

Marinco has completely revamped the Guest line of onboard battery chargers improving their waterproofing with thermal epoxy, adding five-stage charging cycles for fast recovery, providing overload protection with automatic resets, adding plenty of status LEDs to keep you informed, and smart battery technology to prevent battery damage even when the charger stays connected for prolonged periods.




The new Guest lineup not only has added features and capability, it also has added value being very competitively priced for their technology.


We searched boating forums, customer review sites, retail sites, the manufacturer’s site, social media, and consumer sites to find the most popular and highly rated Guest battery charger.


Take a look at our choice and see if this 3-bank Guest marine battery charger is the best marine battery charger for your needs.


Guest ChargePro 2613A 15-Amp 3-Bank On-Board Waterproof Battery Charger

Guest Battery Charger: ChargePro 3-Bank 15-Amp Main ViewGuest is the newest generation of onboard battery chargers from Marinco that includes leading advancements in digital charging technology, a better IP67 100% waterproof design and construction, the ability to maximize individual battery performance and extend battery life and better battery status information the ever before.  Their Guest ChargePro 2613A 15-Amp 3-Bank On-Board Waterproof Battery Charger is the 3-bank model from the lineup and it is one of the most popular with boaters.  This boat battery charger features a fully automatic five-stage charging cycle, multiple independent 5-amp outputs that give each battery their own charging profile, waterproofing that completely seals the battery charger in thermal epoxy, and new fully automatic Smart technology that can maintain your battery for long periods without damage to the battery and without manual intervention.  Any serious boater knows the value of keeping their starting, house, and deep cycle batteries charged and in top condition.  This Guest battery charger takes care of all that charging for you.  Just connect and forget.


Guest Battery Charger: Features

  • 15-amp, 3-bank, IP67 100% waterproof, fully automatic, digital onboard marine battery charger
  • New-technology smart digital battery charging technology is designed to maximize individual battery performance, extend battery life, and keep you better information on battery status
  • Dedicated battery charging, sensing, and control for each bank
  • Provides 15 amps of charging power through three outputs with 5 amps out per bank
  • A fully automatic maintenance mode lets you leave the charger connected indefinitely without damage to the charger or your batteries
  • Fully automatic five-stage charging cycle
  • Completely sealed in waterproof, potting-free, thermal epoxy that is 40% lighter, allows for more efficient heat dissipation and increased longevity while still preventing damage and corrosion
  • The new ChargePro™ Series boasts a low profile flangeless extruded aluminum housing which is sealed with molded gaskets and heavy-duty end caps
  • Rugged, lightweight, shock-resistant, corrosion-resistant construction with a low-profile, flangeless extruded aluminum housing that is sealed with molded gasket and heavy-duty end caps and meets rigorous global marine, RV and industrial standards for all fresh and saltwater applications
  • Heavy-duty strain reliefs
  • Overload protection with automatic resets
  • Built-in safety features include ignition protection and protection against reverse polarity, over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature along with in-line fuses for maximum DC wire protection
  • LEDs indicate charging status
  • Reliably charges 12 VDC flooded, Gel, and AGM lead-acid batteries in three 12 VDC or 12+24 VDC system configurations
  • Requires 100-130VAC/60Hz input voltage
  • 6-foot AC cord with ConnectCharge plug
  • Two 4-foot and one 6-foot DC cables with ring terminals are included
  • 2-Year limited warranty





Guest Battery Charger: ChargePro 3-Bank 15-Amp Panel View

Fully-Automatic Multi-Stage Charging Stages

  • Stage 1 – Analyze Mode: AC Power is applied. ChargePro’s red Charging LED will flash indicating it is analyzing individual wiring connections for proper connection/polarity and that each battery is over 4.0 VDC and capable of accepting a pre-charge. When completed any errors will trip a battery specific red fault LED, or if no faults are present the red Charge LED will illuminate solid red.
  • Stage 2 – Pre-charge Mode: For batteries under 10 volts, this mode is designed to pulse the battery up to 10.5 volts before accepting full rated constant current (Stage 3). During this mode the red charging LED will be illuminated with a solid on.
  • Stage 3 – Constant Current Charge Mode: During this mode the red charging LED will be solid on indicating each battery is being charged in constant current mode as controlled by temperature until the battery voltage is raised to 14.6 volts DC and the red Charging LED will shut off.
  • Stage 4 – Constant Voltage Conditioning Mode: During this mode the amber Conditioning LED will be solid on indicating each battery is being conditioned at 14.6 volts for up to 3 hours until the battery is fully charged. When completed the amber Conditioning LED with turn off and the charger will enter into Stage 5.
  • Stage 5 – Energy Saver Auto Maintain Mode: During this mode the blue AC Power and green Auto Maintain LED will be solid on indicating each battery is being monitored while the charger is in standby mode consuming little to no power until the battery drops under 12.8 volts (fully charged) and the charger will turn on and auto maintain the battery in a fully charged state. This is fully automatic and safe for short and long term storage.


Customer Reviews

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  • Flexible charger will reliably charge and maintain any 12 VDC flooded lead-acid or AGM battery
  • Easy to install
  • Set and forget functionality
  • High-quality construction and materials



  • Larger than some expect
  • Installation instructions could be better











Guest ChargePro 2613A 15-Amp 3-Bank On-Board Waterproof Battery Charger Manual >>>





Guest Battery Charger



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Guest is a new line of onboard battery chargers from Marinco that has been completely redesigned to incorporate a host of new features, better reliability, and better corrosion resistance.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best Guest battery charger for your needs!