If you’re looking for a 12V battery charger to service repair shop, fleet, industrial, or auto dealership requirements, you need a heavy duty battery charger.  Not only that, but because you’ll probably have to lug the charger to the battery that needs charging, you should pick a wheeled model that will make the job much faster and easier.

You can buy a heavy duty battery charger with a variety of capabilities depending on the range of situations that it will be required to handle.


One thing that is definitely true of fleet and industrial work is that time is money.  That means that whatever equipment needs the dead battery, if it’s out of operation, it’s costing you money.  To achieve faster charge times, you need a heavy duty battery charger that produces a lot of power.  Chargers with 30 and 60 charging amps are not uncommon and will charge batteries much faster than a typical 10-amp consumer car battery charger.

Heavy Duty Battery Charger Fleet TrucksStarting Assist

Sometimes the battery just needs an assist in order to start a vehicle.  For that, many industrial battery chargers come with a starting mode which provides the additional amperage that starting requires.  If you will have to start equipment with both 6V and 12V batteries, make sure the charger you buy is equipped to handle both.


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Load Testing

If you appear to have a battery problem, it may not be immediately apparent whether it’s a problem with the battery or a problem with the charging system.  Some models come with testing capability to determine if the battery is bad and unable to accept a charge or if the charging system is faulty and is not producing a charge.

Heavy Duty Battery Charger Car DealershipManual or Automatic

Most heavy duty commercial battery chargers are manual operation.  That’s because they are not designed to be trickle chargers, battery tenders, or battery maintainers which have built-in microprocessors that are left connected to a battery to maintain its charge during long periods of inactivity.  Rather, fleet battery chargers are designed to connect to a battery, quickly recharge it, and then are wheeled to the next problem.  Eliminating the complexity of microprocessor control also reduces cost.

Output Voltage

Depending on your industry, you may see both 6V and 12V batteries.  With that in mind, make sure that the battery charger you buy is capable of handling both battery voltages.

We searched forums, retail sites, consumer sites, customer review sites, and manufacturer sites to find the best-rated, most popular heavy duty wheeled battery charger.


Take a look at our choice and see if it’s the best battery charger for your needs!


Schumacher SE-8050 4/30/60/200/300 Amp Manual Charger with Tester

Heavy Duty Battery Charger Schumacher SE-8050Schumacher has been making battery chargers since the last century and they have become an icon in the industry over that time.  They make a variety of heavy duty manual chargers to satisfy the requirements of big fleet operations, industrial sites, repair shops, and other commercial operations.  Their Schumacher SE-8050 4/30/60/200/300 Amp Manual Wheeled Battery Charger with Tester is a perfect example of their dedication to providing durable, reliable, high-performance equipment that you can count on to do the job every time.  It features fast battery charging for both 6V and 12V batteries, high-amperage starting assist capability for both 6V and 12V batteries, a built-in load tester to help identify faulty batteries or charging systems, and easy-portability thanks to its heavy-duty handle and wheels.  Here’s what you need to know.


Heavy Duty Battery Charger Features

  • Manual, wheeled, heavy-duty battery charger for 6V and 12V batteries with two rapid charge modes, charging assist mode, and a built-in load tester
  • Two rapid charge modes include 30-amp charging mode that can charge a 6V or 12V battery in 1-2 hours and a 60-amp charging mode that can reduce that time to between ½ and 1-hour
  • It also comes with a 4-amp slow charge mode for charging small batteries
  • High-output emergency charging assist provides 200 amps for 6V batteries and 300 amps for 12V batteries to help starting batteries provide enough cranking power to start vehicles and equipment even in severe cold weather conditions
  • Built-in load tester tests 50-amps on a 6V system and 100 amps on a 12V system to help determine the health of the battery and its charging system
  • Note that this is not an automatic battery charger or battery tender and has no automatic or maintenance modes.  It is a manual battery charger that works on a shut-off timer and requires supervision to prevent overcharging.
  • Charger is fan-cooled for longer life
  • Hold position allows continuous charging operation bypassing the timer function and require close supervision to prevent overcharging and potential damage or injury
  • Durable tubular handle and wheels make this model easy to transport
  • Dimensions are 9.87D x 19H x 11.7W inches and it weighs in at 38.6 lbs.
  • 3-Year limited warranty




Schumacher SE-8050 Wheeled Charger with Tester User Manual >>>


Heavy Duty Battery Charger Popular Models


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