A jump starter pack, particularly one of the new Lithium Ion models, is the ideal replacement for jumper cables in your car or truck.  By keeping a jump starter pack in your vehicle, you don’t have to carry jumper cables or hope that you can find a Good Samaritan nearby who will donate their vehicle to jump start your vehicle.

Jump Starter Pack: Aickar 800A 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Intro ViewA jump starter pack with Lithium Ion battery technology is lightweight, compact, yet powerful enough to start most vehicles when your battery is “dead.”  The problem is that Lithium battery jump starters have their limitations.  One of them is the range of vehicles that they will successfully jump start.


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Most compact jump starters have enough “juice” to start small car engines and even some diesels, but large SUVs, performance cars, larger diesels, and large pickup trucks are out of range.

Jump Starter Pack: Aickar 800A 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Intro View2That has changed with the introduction of more powerful Lithium jump starter packs that still retain their compact size, but are capable of starting any gas engine and even V8 diesel engines.

Another advantage of the more powerful new Lithium Ion jump starters are their more powerful power banks.  After all, most compact battery jump starters also allow you to use their integrated battery as a charger for your portable electronic devices.  Newer models have up to 20,000 mAh batteries capable of charging everything from smartphones to laptops.

One of the reasons so many drivers have migrated to portable lithium jump starters so quickly is their safety features.  Jumper cables basically come with no safety features.  They allow you to hook them up in reverse which will cause sparking creating the risk of explosion.





New advanced safety features built into the cables of Lithium Ion jump starters make them “smart clamps” capable of protecting against reverse polarity, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, and overcharge situations.  Unlike jump cables, new Lithium jump starters are safe to use by almost anyone.


We searched automotive forums, customer review sites, social media, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated battery jump starters.

Take a look at our choice and see if this powerful jump starter pack is the best jump starter for your needs!


Aickar 800A Peak 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank

Jump Starter Pack: Aickar 800A 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Main ViewIf your vehicle has a large V8 engine or a diesel engine and you need a battery jump starter to jump start it in emergencies, the Aickar 800A Peak 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank has you covered.  It is one of the few 800A peak lithium jump starters on the market and has the bonus of integrating a large 19,800mAh power bank capable of charging all your USB-capable devices. 12VDC electronic devices, and 12VDC or 19VDC laptops.  You don’t need to carry jumper cables anymore as this compact, lightweight car jump starter pack will jump start your vehicle without the need for another vehicle or help from a Good Samaritan.  Its built-in safety features combined with its ease-of-use insure that virtually anyone can jump start their car using this battery jump starter safely and effectively.  With this 800A peak jumper pack, you can start any gas engine vehicle and diesel engine vehicles up to 4.5L up to 30 times on a single charge.  Take this compact, lightweight jumper box with you anywhere and make it an integral part of your automotive emergency kit.


Jump Starter Pack: Features

  • Powerful 800A peak Lithium Ion battery jump starter capable of jump starting any gas engine or diesels up to 4.5L as many as 30 times on a single charge with an integrated 19,800mAh battery bank for charging everything from smartphones to laptops
  • Largest available 19,800mAh battery pack charges all USB-compatible devices like smartphones, tablets, GPS, Kindles, 12V electronic devices, and 12V and 19V laptops
  • Jumper cables feature intelligent clamp design with advanced safety technology that protects against
  • With 400 Amps of starting current, you can this portable jump starter to jump start cars, trucks, boats, tractors, equipment, and more
  • Advanced Safety Technology in its intelligent jumper cable clamps provide protection against reverse polarity, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, and overcharging
  • Smart Charging Ports include one 5V/1A USB, one 5V/2A USB, one 19V/3.5A laptop charging port, one 12V/10A laptop and other electronic device charging port, and a jumper cable connection port
  • Jump Starter Pack: Aickar 800A 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Kit ViewPowerful, but stores easily in a glovebox or map pocket
  • Bright integrated LED flashlight also has SOS and emergency strobe modes
  • Heavy-duty 8AWG UL1015 jumper cable construction
  • Fully recharges in about 6 hours
  • Operating temperature between -4 and +140 degrees F


Included Accessories

  • 1 – Set smart jumper cables
  • 1 – AC adapter
  • 1 – DC car charger
  • 1 – USB cable
  • 1 – 12VDC power port adapter
  • 1 –  8-in-1 laptop cable
  • 1 – Protective zippered case





Customer Reviews

See Aickar 800A Peak 19800mAh Car Jump Starter Power Bank Customer Reviews >>>



  • Very easy to use
  • Lots of safety features
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Powerful jump-starting capability



  • Some reports that jump box plastic alligator clamps break easily
  • No actual warranty provided, in the event of defect, return to place of purchase within 30-day return policy to received full refund












Jump Starter Pack





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A portable lithium jump starter is the compact and powerful way to jump start your car without the need for jumper cables or a Good Samaritan with a donor vehicle.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best jump starter pack for your needs!