You’re considering a new lithium-ion jumpstarter powerpack, but you’re not sure which one to buy or how to choose.  First, you need to get used to the fact that your new jumpstarter
will be made in China.  They are custom branded by many vendors including some well-known brands, but even so, they come from China.

So what does that mean for you trying to decide on a jumpstarter powerpack?  It means that you need to protect yourself in case the one you buy doesn’t work or fails too soon.


Jumpstarter Powerpack Battery Tender 0300-0001-WH Lithium Multiple Pic view


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It’s important to remember that when you buy a Chinese booster pack from a vendor any warranty is between you and the vendor and not the manufacturer.  The manufacturer typically warrants its product to the vendor.  Those warranties vary like the wind.  Knowing that the vendor is your warranty provider, you need to be able to trust the vendor.




That’s difficult with lithium jump starters because there are so many small companies selling them under a 100 brands or more.  Many, many of them are the exact same battery booster, just branded differently.  Those smaller companies may not even be around the entire year for which they claim you are protected.

So you need to choose a brand you trust.  One of those brands is definitely Deltran Battery Tender.  They have been around since 1965 and when they say you get a 1-Year limited warranty, they stand behind it.  They have only recently gotten into the lithium car battery jump starter market and the model they have is unique in style from others available.  It’s obvious that Deltran has done their homework and imported a battery jumper product that they feel comfortable putting their name on.


Their new car jump starter and power pack is called the Battery Tender 030-0001-WH.  Read on to find out more about its great features and specifications.


Battery Tender 030-0001-WH Lithium Portable Power Pack

Jumpstarter Powerpack Battery Tender 030-0001-WH Lithium Top ViewDeltran is one of the most trusted brands for battery chargers two of their most popular being the Deltran Battery Tender Junior and the Deltran Battery Tender Plus.  They’ve recently added a new lithium battery jump starter and power pack called the Deltran Battery Tender 0300-0001-WH Lithium Portable Power Pack.  Like many lithium jump starters, this power pack will jump start your car using 400 cranking amps or charge your portable electronic devices through its built-in USB port.  As jump starters go, it’s not cutting edge, but it does have a unique Boot Power button, it is powerful, and its 1-Year limited warranty comes from a company you can trust.  Here’s what you need to know.




  • 10,000 mAh capacity battery with 400 peak amps and 200 starting amps will start most light and medium duty vehicles
  • Unique Boost Power Button provides additional power when you need it
  • Single 5V – 2.0 amp USB port allows you to charge many of your portable electronic devices
  • Fit easily in a glove box, door pocket, your pocket, under a seat or anywhere else you have room for a pocket-sized device in your vehicle
  • Safety features include spark proof connections and reverse polarity protection
  • LED flashlight provides light where you need it under low-light conditions
  • Charge your Battery Tender using a 12V vehicle power port or AC outlet
  • Built-in blue LED charge indicator ensures you will never be without power
  • Handy zippered carrying pouch keeps everything organized and ready to go
  • 1-Year limited warranty
  • Dimensions are 3.5W x 6.75L inches and it weighs only 0.9 lbs.



  • Multiple jump starts without recharging
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great for motorcycles and other motorsports vehicles
  • Charge with 12V power port or household outlet



  • Boost button use is unclear






Battery Tender 030-0001-WH Lithium Portable Power Pack User Manual >>>







Jumpstarter Powerpack



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