How important is your car battery? You may have had the experience of finding out when you left your lights on at the store or library. You came back to your car ready to move on to the next thing in your busy day and your battery was dead. It’s not your engine but, at that moment in time it is just as important or even more important to you.




What would you do? Before the advent of the portable jump starter, your only choices were to call the auto club or to get a good samaritan at the store or library to help you. Do you even have jumper cables? What are the chances that the good samaritan will have them? Do you even know how to jump start a car? Are you going to damage your car or the samaritan’s car?


Portable Jump Starter

Booster Pac ES2500 Portable Jump Starter

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you need a portable jump starter. What’s that? A portable jump starter is really an additional battery that you carry with you that is specifically designed with features that makes starting your car in an emergency safe and reliable. In particular, portable jump starters are capable of generating an instantaneous surge of cranking power. When your battery is dead, it is the cranking power that jump starts your car. Think of it as a defibrillator for your battery. In much the same way that a doctor uses a defibrillator (electric paddles) to jump start a heart in the emergency room, a portable jump starter jump starts your battery.





Powerful Portable Jump Starter

Remember, in an emergency, you only get one chance to revive the battery. No matter what method you use, make sure it is reliable and powerful enough to do the job. Typically jump starting a dead car battery requires a large cranking power surge to do the job. Depending on the portable jump starter, that may be all the juice available in the jump starter. In other words, for many devices, it’s a one-shot deal. Whatever charge is left is too little to jump start another vehicle.


A portable jump starter is easy to use. You may feel from what you’re heard or from your personal experiences with jump starting that it’s dangerous or complicated. Portable jump starters have built-in safety features to make the process much safer than using jumper cables. They have features like reverse polarity detection which warns you if you hook up the cables wrong. Spark proof connections make the connections much safer than jumper cables. The color-code cables included with the battery jump starter are designed for the instantaneous cranking power requirements of jump starting and so are a heavier gauge or thickness just for the purpose. You just connect the red clamp to the positive terminal and the black clamp to the negative terminal and then just start your car.
If it still sounds too complicated, please read our article How To Jump Start A Car Battery Safely and Correctly which walks step-by-step through the whole process.

Portable Jump Starter



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  • l
    Posted January 5, 2014 at 4:36 pm 0Likes

    you just connect the red clamp to the positive terminal and the black clamp to the positive terminal and then just start your car.

    ^^^ an unhelpful and dangerous typo

    • Mark Ridgeway
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      Thanks for the catch. I have made the correction!

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