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A power pack jump starter is a self-contained battery unit that has the power to start a vehicle, but also has ports to charge your portable electronic devices.  The trend has been towards lithium battery models that are lighter in weight and more compact than any previous lead-acid power pack jump starter.

Power Pack Jump Starter: Junp-n-Carry JNC318 Intro ViewA power pack jump starter based on Lithium-ion batteries can be small enough to store in a variety of places in your vehicle and is easier to handle under the hood when you’re jump starting your vehicle.  A Lithium-ion portable jump starter is easy to carry with you wherever you go so it’s there for you in an emergency.


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Power Bank

When buying a battery jump starter, it’s good to remember that it can charge your portable electronic devices from one or two built-in USB ports, particularly if you have more than one device and don’t have more than a 12V power port in your vehicle.

Another handy feature is the ability to use a 12V power port cable with the battery booster, so you can charge or run other electronic devices like laptops and tire inflators.


Many lithium jump starters have integrated emergency devices like a flashlight to provide light under the hood and emergency modes like strobe and SOS.

Power Pack Jump Starter: Junp-n-Carry JNC318 Canted View2Jumper cables have never been considered very safe to use or healthy for your vehicle’s battery or electrical system.

Newer lithium jump starters have new safety features that make them much safer than jumper cables.  Many use spark-proof alligator clamps to connect to your battery, have reverse polarity detection to prevent operation if you hook the cable up wrong, over-voltage protection, back feed protection, short circuit protection, or over heat protection.

Back feed protection is a newer development that solves a problem that isn’t talked about much.  When you use a standard car battery jump starter without this protection, you must detach the cables quickly after the vehicle starts to prevent power flowing from the vehicle’s electrical system back into the jump box and damaging it or worse.





If you can imagine sitting in the driver’s seat, the car starting, and then you rushing out of the vehicle and back under the hood to disconnect the cables, I think you can see how awkward that might be.  Back feed protection prevents the back flow of power, so you don’t have to worry about that situation.


When you see a lithium jumper, your first thought might be, how can this little box start my vehicle.  You can be forgiven for this thought as I still have the same thought every time I use one.  Still, it does the job every time.

Power Pack Jump Starter: Junp-n-Carry JNC318 Canted ViewHow big an engine can a lithium jump starter power pack turn over?  First, remember that even a “dead” battery isn’t dead and battery boosters don’t take over for the battery.  A jump starter simply boosts the power from the battery, so it can start the vehicle.  With that in mind, how big an engine a lithium boost box can start, is dependent on the model.  Most can at least start a small V8 engine while heavy-duty models are available that can even start large diesel engines.  For most, a basic lithium model will start the vehicle.

It matters where you live when it comes to the effectiveness of a booster pack.  If you live in a very cold climate you may need a heavy-duty model just to start a regular passenger car whereas in warmer climates a heavy-duty model probably isn’t necessary.  To solve this problem, some of jump boxes come with a pre-heat mode that warms their internal battery to overcome the reduced power in cold weather.


We searched automotive forums, manufacturer sites, social media, customer review sites, consumer sites, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated power pack jump starters.


Take a look at our choice and see if this new model jump pack from a trusted brand is the best jump starter for your needs!


Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC318 12-Volt Lithium Jump Starter and Power Supply

Clore Automotive Power Pack Jump Starter: Junp-n-Carry JNC318 Main Viewis a trusted brand in the design, development, and manufacture of automotive service equipment for both professionals and consumers.  Clore Automotive battery jump starters are favored by garages and automotive shops everywhere.  Their Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC318 12-Volt Lithium Jump Starter and Power Supply is a new entry into their lineup and has new features that make it a real contender.  This jump start battery pack features power enough, with 700 peak amps and 330 starting amps, to start V8 engines, smart clamps for safety, pre-heat mode for cold weather starting, dual USB ports for charging smartphones and tablets, and a 12VDC pin jack to charge and power a variety of 12VDC accessories, and all this in a compact unit that weighs only 3 lbs.  Excellent safety features include spark-proof clamps and protection against reverse polarity, power back feed, over-voltage, under-voltage, short-circuit, and overheat.


Power Pack Jump Starter: Features

  • 700 peak amps, 330 starting amps, 12VDC lithium power pack jump starter starts engines up to V8 size
  • Pre-heat mode warms the internal battery to help overcome the challenges of jump starting in extremely low temperatures
  • Spark-proof smart clamps make jump starting safe and easy by alerting you when they are not connected properly and not starting the flow of power
  • Power status button and LCD display the unit’s state of charge, so you don’t get stranded with a discharged jump box
  • Additional safety features include protection against reverse polarity, power back feed, over-voltage, short circuit, overheat and under-voltage
  • Dual USB ports provide power for charging portable electronic devices
  • 10 Amp 12VDC pin jack provides power to recharge laptops or power 12VDC devices like tire inflators
  • Power Pack Jump Starter: Junp-n-Carry JNC318 Canted View17-inch #10 AWG charging cables
  • Convenient zipper case neatly holds all JNC318 accessories
  • Integrated flashlight has strobe and emergency SOS modes
  • Weighs just 3 lbs.
  • 1-Year limited warranty and repair service coupon for a low-cost, fixed fee repair after the warranty period


Included Accessories

  • 1 – Smart cable/clamp set
  • 1 – 12VDC female adapter
  • 1 – Repair service coupon
  • 1 – 110VAC wall charger
  • 1 – Protective zipper case






Customer Reviews

See Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC318 12-Volt Lithium Jump Starter and Power Supply Customer Reviews >>>



  • Plenty of power for most jump starts
  • Pre-heat feature makes this unit ideal for cold weather starts
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Excellent safety features



None noted











Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC318 12-Volt Lithium Jump Starter and Power Supply User Manual >>>


Power Pack Jump Starter



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A compact, lightweight lithium jump starter can jump start surprisingly large engines and provide recharging power for your portable electronic devices as well.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the right power pack jump starter for your needs!