If you’re looking a top rated powerbank, you need to know what to look for.  The multiple banks of an onboard battery charger powerbank are a necessity for marine applications with multiple batteries.  The right marine battery charger with multiple banks gives you the flexibility to provide the proper charge to multiple batteries including a house battery, charging battery, and more.

Powerbank: Pro Mariner Pro Nautic 1250 3-Bank Battery ChargerIf you need a 3 bank powerbank, you probably have a cuddy, cruiser, sailboat, houseboat, yacht, commercial offshore rig, sport fishing boat, or other boat with a complicated battery setup.

A 3 bank configured power bank allows you to deliver the proper charge to three different batteries of the same type, or in some cases different types, at the same time.



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Modern 3-bank chargers are smart chargers with the ability to manage battery charging and maintenance automatically without the need for manual intervention and without damaging your batteries, charger, or boat’s electrical system.





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Take a look at our choice and see if this 3 bank onboard boat battery power bank charger is the best power bank for your needs!


Pro Mariner Pro Nautic 1250 12-Volt 50-Amp 3 Bank Charger

Powerbank: Pro Mariner Pro Nautic 1250 3-Bank Battery ChargerIf you’re looking for a 3-bank marine battery charger for your cruiser, sailboat, house boat, yacht, or sport fishing boat, the award winning ProMariner 63140 ProNauticP Series 1250P 12V 50-Amp Onboard Battery Charger is a top-rated, popular choice.  Designed to be mounted in dry conditions near your battery compartment, it features ProMariner’s Generation 3 ProMar Digital Performance Charging Platform with all digital control and software-based power conversion technology and global energy management capability.  It’s designed to address the trend of incorporating and using more 12VDC electronics onboard today’s power, sail, cruising, and sport fishing boats.  It has 12 digitally-controlled, fingertip-selectable performance charging profiles to fully charge, condition, maintain, and recondition batteries to extend battery life and maximize battery reserve power performance.  Distributed On-Demand Technology automatically senses and distributes 100% of available charging amps to any one bank or combination of banks.  In addition, it has an Automatic Dockside Power Mode to provide support your 12-volt DC lighting and appliances when necessary.  Enjoy more of what you bought your boat for with a ProMariner ProNauticP.


Onboard Boat Battery Charger: Features

  • 12VDC, 50-Amp, 3-Bank automatic onboard boat battery charger with 12 digitally-controlled performance charging profiles
  • Fully automatic and sequential multi-stage charging provides electronically controlled charging, conditioning and maintenance of all batteries and or banks connected based on battery chemistry selected
  • Factory set for Flooded (Lead Acid) batteries with selectable support for AGM, GEL, and LiFePO4 batteries
  • Distributed On-Demand Technology automatically senses and distributes 100% of available charging amps to any one bank or combination of banks
  • Generation 3 ProMar Digital Performance Charging Platform combines all digital control and software-based power conversion technology with global energy management features
  • Automatically de-sulfates batteries after 21 days in maintain mode improving reserve power, performance, and extending battery life
  • Operates on 120/230VAC at 50/60Hz automatically
  • Automatic dockside power mode for 12VDC lighting and appliances
  • Power Factor Corrected with auto-ranging global AC input allowing it to operate off a standard household power connection
  • Dual digital displays provide real-time display of actual charging voltage and amperage and AC power diagnostics with pass or fail status
  • Discreet fault indication for miss-wiring or adverse battery bank conditions
  • Manually select desire battery voltages using the Custom Setting
  • Selectable Power Level allows you to adjust amperage draw of the unit to prevent it from competing with other appliances when only a lower amperage shore / station power hookup is available
  • Powerbank: Pro Mariner Pro Nautic 1250 3-Bank Battery ChargerConservation Energy Saver Mode monitors and Auto Maintains batteries only when needed, maintaining a full state of charge after fully charging and conditioning batteries reducing power consumption, lowering operating costs, and maximizing reserve power performance
  • Automatic temperature compensation and built-in safety ignition-protected and current limiting
  • Easy to navigate 3-button command center
  • Automatic electronic variable speed fan cooling with No Drip Shield required venting design is quiet during operation
  • AC and DC cables organizer included
  • Industry recognized with the 2010 IBEX Innovation Award
  • Designed and constructed to Marine ULc 1236, CE, CTick and FCC Class B specifications
  • Dimensions are 10.5H x 5.63W x 12.63D inches and weighs 6.9 lbs.
  • 5-Year warranty against defects in material and workmanship





Customer Reviews

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  • Precision automatic charging
  • Automatically and instantly responds to 12VDC demand on system
  • Variable on-demand amperage saves money
  • Easy to use



  • None noted











ProMariner Pro Nautic 1250P 12V 50-Amp Onboard Battery Charger Manual >>>









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Powerful dry mount chargers are for larger boats and yachts where water near the battery compartment is not as much of a concern.  For dry battery conditions, a computer-controlled, smart multiple-bank charging system is the answer.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the right powerbank for your needs!