Each ProMariner battery charger has 35 years of innovation in technology behind it from one of the premiere marine battery charger companies.  They pioneered a complete line of fully automatic, on-board marine battery chargers that delivered a mainstream method of charging batteries quickly without the need for transporting portable battery chargers on and off your boat.  Their latest design ProMariner battery charger is part of a  lineup that is completely set and forget, cost effective, and mountable right on your boat.

ProMariner Battery Charger: ProTournament 240 Elite 3-Bank Fishing ViewA ProMariner battery charger is a robust solution for extending and managing battery life without the need to manually handle batteries and their connections.  You can count on ProMariner battery chargers to be corrosion-resistant using high-quality semiconductors and marine galvanic isolators.


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ProMariner Battery Charger: ProTournament 240 Elite 3-Bank Canted ViewThe goal at ProMariner has always been to deliver more time spent boating, sailing, or fishing and less time doing boat maintenance, waiting at home or at the dock for batteries to charge.

Unlike a car battery charger that is designed for starting batteries only, a 3-bank marine battery charger like a ProMariner battery charger can handle deep cycle batteries, starting batteries, and house batteries.












We searched boating forums, social media, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, retail sites, and customer review sites to find the most popular and highly rated 3-bank onboard marine battery charger.  The 3-bank ProTournament Elite 360 ProMariner battery charger has proven itself to be the powerful, reliable choice of pros everywhere.


Take a look at its great features and see if this ProMariner battery charger is the best marine battery chargers for your needs!


ProMariner ProTournament Elite 24 Amp 12/24/36V Battery Charger


ProMariner Battery Charger: ProTournament 240 Elite 3-Bank Main ViewThe ProMariner ProTournament Elite battery charger is a waterproof, 3-bank, 24 Amps, 12/24/36VDC output on-board battery charger designed tough for the challenging marine environment.  This ProMariner battery charger model features digital microprocessor control that delivers a 5-stage charging program charging faster and safer than comparable chargers.  The ProTournament Elite’s distributed-on-demand charging technology always distributes its full charging output to the combination of batteries connected to it as required by the discharge state of each battery.  It’s important to get on the water first and stay there longer and this ProMariner charger is specifically designed to delivery maximum charging performance while extending battery life.


  • 3-bank, 24 Amps, 12/24/36VDC output on-board marine battery charger
  • Intuitive LED status display has charge mode indicators and real time charge level status with on-the-water push-to-test feature for percent of battery power remaining and clear indication of system, battery bank, and battery connection status
  • Three digitally selectable performance matched 5-stage charging profiles with temperature compensation analyzes connections and the ability for a battery to accept a charge delivers advanced high FILL rate charging, conditioning, and auto maintain (energy saving mode)
  • Charging profiles available from this AGM battery charger include Standard/Flooded/AGM, HP AGM1 for pure lead AGM batteries like OPTIMA Blue Top Marine batteries, and HP AGM 2 for pure lead AGM batteries like Odyssey Marine batteries
  • ProMariner Battery Charger: ProTournament 240 Elite 3-Bank Cables ViewAutomatic once a month storage recondition mode automatically monitors ambient temperatures and adjusts its charging output
  • Specifically designed to deliver maximum charging performance and extend battery life
  • 100% charging output with AC power as low as 90 VAC
  • 50% lighter and 2 to 3 times faster than traditional chargers
  • Distributed-on-demand charging technology distributes its full charging output to the combination of batteries connected to it as required by the discharge state of each battery
  • Shock resistant, space saving extruded aluminum design
  • Dual in-line DC safety fuses for trolling motor and house batteries, over-voltage, overload, over-temperature, reverse polarity and ignition protection







Customer Reviews

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  • Easy to install
  • High quality construction and materials
  • LED status lights are very helpful
  • Set and forget



  • Needs longer leads and power cord
  • On/Off switch would be nice






ProMariner Battery Charger Comparison




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