The world of battery jump starters used to be simpler.  There were basically only lead-acid models like theSchumacher Instant Power Jump Starter XP22260 Full View Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter.  Times have changed.  The world of jump starters has expanded to embrace newer, smaller, and lighter lithium battery boosters.

Lithium models are also expanding the usage of battery jump starters by leaps and bounds basically replacing jumper cables at a fast pace.  As the price of lithium-ion boosters continues to come down, this trend will only continue.  It won’t be long before most car owners will have a car jump starter in their car.

So why would you buy a lead-acid battery jump starter with power pack like a Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter?  Despite its size and weight compared to lithium models, it’s hard to overlook the power, dependability, and features of this tried and true battery booster.  The Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter line provides the portable power and jump-starting capability you need to keep going in an emergency.


Considering one of the new lightweight lithium battery boosters?  We have the information you need to choose the right one:


When choosing a portable jump starter and portable power bank, there are two key factors that determine the amps required to start your vehicle.  First is the engine size.  The larger the engine, the more amps are required to start it.  For instance, a V8 engine with double the cylinders will take more cranking power than a 4 cylinder engine.  Second is compression ratio.  Compression ratio is the pressure that is generated inside each of the engine’s cylinders during the power stroke and is higher for high performance and diesel engines than for everyday transportation with a gasoline engine.  So if you have a high-performance V8 vehicle like a Mustang GT or a diesel pickup truck, you will require a battery booster with additional cold cranking amps (CCA) beyond what would be required for a smaller 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder passenger car.




What do we mean by cold cranking amps (CCA)?  Cold cranking amps is a battery standard used by manufacturers that specifies the amount of current a lead-acid battery can provide at 0°F (-18°C) for 30 seconds while maintaining at least 1.2 volts per cell or a total of 7.2 volts for a 12V battery.  There are other standards that have emerged, but for comparison purposes, CCA remains a valid comparison value.

How does that relate to a jump starter?  If you have a battery with 700 CCA does that mean your battery jumper has to have 700 CCA to be effective?  The answer is no.  A battery jump starter is also called a battery booster because it is designed to be hooked to your battery to provide an additional boost that gives your starting system enough power to start your engine.  In general, around 200 CCA should be enough to start your car even in cold weather.  If you live in a warm climate, you will need less CCA or in severe cold weather, it might take more to start an engine.


Take a look at this very capable Schumacher car battery jump starter and portable power supply to see if it’s the best jump starter for your needs!


Schumacher XP2260 1200 Peak Amp Instant Portable Power Source

Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter XP2260 Side ViewThe Schumacher XP2260 1200 Peak Amp Instant Portable Power Source is a very capable lead-acid jump starter and portable power source all in one.  This is a heavy-duty unit with Sure-Grip clamps that fit both top and side-post batteries as well as cables designed to stay flexible even in the coldest weather.  You don’t have to worry about how you store this unit, because it contains a sealed lead-acid battery that can be stored in any position.  To switch to jump starting mode, simply use the built-in on/off switch.  Here’s what you need to know about this Schumacher Electric 6-in-1 jump starter.



Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter: Features

  • 1200 peak amps and 185 CCA
  • Uses a simple on/off switch to activate jump start mode or switch to USB mode
  • Built-in high-pressor air compressor and inflator/deflator hose for inflating tires and other inflatables
  • USB charging port
  • Built-in 400W inverter for 120V AC power
  • Contains a built-in lead-acid battery charger for automatic charging of its internal battery
  • Battery status indicator LEDs keep you informed when the battery needs to be charged
  • Sure-Grip clamps fit both side and top post batteries
  • Cables are designed to stay flexible even in the coldest weather
  • Built-in maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery allows for flexible storage positions
  • Dimensions are 12.3 x 12.5 x 12.1 inches and it weighs in at 24 lbs.
  • 1-year limited warranty



  • Built-in compressor and inverter
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Built-in charger for internal battery
  • Good value






  • Slow air compressor
  • Heavy
  • Charging cord not included
  • Could use longer jumper cables


Schumacher XP2260 1200 Peak Amp Instant Portable Power Source User Manual >>>





Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter 



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