Don’t buy one of those wimpy jump starters. Get a trusted name in tools and equipment that backs their products with great customer service. Get a powerful, reliable Stanley jump starter.

We all need a portable battery boost that is there for us in emergencies with the power and dependability we demand. A very popular model is the the Stanley J5C09 jump starter which easily packs the features and durability to jump start even dead batteries when the situation calls for it.




The J5C09 is portable but, still has the power of much larger shop models. It’s a large, heavy-duty, portable jump starter with power that packs a punch. Its size is in line with its large powerful internal battery. Despite its large size, this Stanley jump starter is easily carried in your vehicle for those unexpected emergencies like when you leave your lights on at the mall.


The Stanley J5C09 is rated at a peak power of 1000 amps with 500 amps of cranking power. This is well above many comparable jump starters for the price.


Stanley Jump Starter J5C09 Features

Stanley Jump Starter Model J5C09

In addition to being powerful it also has a lot of great features that make it a good value:

Stanley Jump Starter Safety

Always with safety on their mind, Stanley has included an audible and visual reverse polarity alarm to warn you when you hook up the cables incorrectly. It also comes with a top-mounted rubber handle for easy gripping and portability. Heavy-duty metal clamps and thick Number 6 gauge cables insure no overheating and safe operation. A simple power/charge indicator alerts the user to operation modes.


Full of great extra convenience features that make life easier, I think you will find that the Stanley J5C09 will be a handy addition to your emergency kit.





Some of them include:

Built-In Air Compressor

The Stanley J5C09 comes with a builtin 120 PSI air compressor for those times when you’re alone and have a flat tire. Combined with some stop-leak, this Stanley jump starter will handle just about any common tire emergency.
Stanley Jump Starter Power Supply
This Stanley jump starter comes complete with DC and USB charging plugs handy for all those devices we carry with us on trips such as laptops and smart phones.


Stanley Jump Starter Light

It also has a very handy high-powered LED light that swivels 270 degrees to help with those night time emergencies.

Powerful, safe, and feature-laden, the Stanley J5C09 has what it takes to jump start your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, RV or tractor. It can be used every day or for roadside emergencies. Why settle for less than the best power you can get for the money. Make sure your jump starter is a Stanley J5C09 for the peace-of-mind of knowing that if your car battery dies by the side of a busy road, at home, at work, or at the mall, you will have the equipment you need to get on your way again quickly and safely.

Stanley Jump Starter



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