Motorcycles are more likely than other vehicles to be stored in the wintertime and because of that they need a trickle charger for motorcycle to keep the battery in good shape while they are stored.  The new models of trickle charger for motorcycle are actually smart battery maintainers with built-in microprocessors that not only charge and maintain your motorcycle’s battery, but also condition it increasing its performance and extending its life.

Trickle Charger for Motorcycle Black and Decker BM3B Battery Tender Shop Viewou could spend a lot of money on a high-quality trickle charger for motorcycle, but fortunately there are some values out there that do everything the fancy ones do at a fraction of the price.

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Take a look at this very popular model from Black and Decker motorcycle battery charger and see if it’s the best motorcycle battery charger and maintainer for your needs!


Black & Decker BM3B 1.5-Amp 6/12-Volt High-Frequency Battery Charger and Maintainer

Trickle Charger for Motorcycle Black and Decker BM3B Battery Tender Main ViewThe Black & Decker BM3B 6/12-Volt Battery Charger and Maintainer is a high-quality, popular 6 and 12-volt charger and maintainer that just happens to have a lot of great features, is very popular, and is available at a value price.  This trickle charger for motorcycle model gives you the flexibility to charge and maintain a variety of vehicle in addition to your motorcycle including classic cars, sports cars, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, lawn and garden equipment, RVs, and much more.  This motorcycle trickle charger allows you to charge a variety of 6 and 12-volt battery types including AGM, GEL, and wet cell lead-acid batteries.  Being a smart charger with a built-in microprocessor, this motorcycle battery tender also has the capability to automatically switch to float mode monitoring when fully charged to maintain your battery indefinitely without intervention or fear of overcharging or damaging your electrical system.  This is a great safety and performance feature that gives it a distinct advantage over manual trickle chargers and is harder to find in a budget trickle charger for motorcycle.  Here’s what you need to know about this 6V 12V battery tender.



Trickle Charger for Motorcycle Black and Decker BM3B Battery Tender Kit ViewFeatures

  • Budget 6V and 12V-capable smart battery charger and maintainer compatible with AGM, Gel, and wet cell lead-acid motorcycle and other vehicle batteries
  • Microprocessor-controlled charger and maintainer can be connected to your battery indefinitely without intervention and without fear of overcharging or damaging the battery or electrical system
  • Sealed for protection against moisture, dust, and oil, it’s durable to handle tougher environments where you might store your motorcycle
  • Safety features includes short circuit, reverse polarity, and overcharge protection
  • Handy built-in mounting bracket makes it easy to place near your motorcycle
  • 1-Year limited warranty




  • 1 – DC accessory plug
  • 1 – Set battery clips
  • 1 – Set ring terminals


Customer Reviews

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Trickle Charger for Motorcycle Comparison



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