The most common use for a waterproof battery charger is charging boat batteries.  That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a host of other uses.  Whether it’s for RVs, ATVs, watercraft, or otherWaterproof Battery Charger Battery Tender 022-0157-1 Battery Charger Maintainer Front View vehicles with 12-volt batteries that encounter a lot of moisture when they’re used or stored, a waterproof battery charger may be the best choice.  What should you look for in a 12V waterproof battery charger?

Smart Charging

Modern battery chargers are mostly “smart chargers’ with built-in microprocessors that control the charger’s charging program to ensure the most efficient and effective charging of your batteries.  Many battery chargers now have multi-step charging programs that prepare the battery for charging and test its ability to be charged, provide a charging mode where the bulk of the charging occurs, recondition the battery and remove harmful buildup, maintain the charge of the battery automatically without overcharging.


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Maintenance Capability

When you stop to think about it, battery charging is not what you want to be doing all the time.  If your battery is in a vehicle, there is usually an alternator or generator to charge the battery while the vehicle is running.  You only need to charge a battery when that is not the case.  For vehicles that don’t get used all the time or are stored for long periods, you need to maintain the charge on the battery to prevent discharge and damage to the battery.  In other words, you need a 12v battery charger that is also a charger maintainer or battery tender.  A battery tender maintains your battery automatically, often for an indefinite period, without overcharging.  A battery maintainer or tender is not the same as a trickle charger.





Water Resistance and Durability

Particularly for a boat battery charger, there are various ways of sealing a battery charger against the elements and one of them is to “pot” it.  That means that it is sealed inside or encapsulated in a material that prevents moisture from contacting the important charging components.  In addition to protecting against moisture, potting also provides greater ruggedness, vibration, and shock resistance.  Your battery charger should be sealed against moisture.

Battery Type Support

What battery charger you buy depends on what type of batteries you want to charge.  If you think that you will need support for a variety of battery types, even in the future, you should buy a battery charger that supports those types.  Some of the types that are commonly supported include flooded, sealed, maintenance-free, and AGM lead acid.  If you are trolling, you use deep cycle marine batteries.  In that case, make sure your charger is a deep cycle battery charger that will support a deep cycle marine battery.


If not connected properly, there is always the risk that a battery can explode when sparks ignite the gasses around the battery.  In addition, batteries can explode when overcharged.  Some safety features that you should look for include short-circuit protection and reverse-polarity protection.


There are a lot of marine battery chargers out there claiming that they are waterproof or water-resistant with very short warranties that don’t instill confidence.  Make sure the manufacturer of the battery charger you choose has been around for a while, their products get good reviews, have product support, and they back their products with a reasonable warranty.


We have found what we think is one of the best everyday waterproof 12V chargers out there.  Take a look and see if this battery charger is the best model for your needs!


Battery Tender 022-0157-1 Waterproof 12 Volt Power Tender Plus Battery Charger


Waterproof Battery Charger Battery Tender 022-0157-1 12V Battery Charger Maintainer Main ViewDeltran is a well-known name in battery chargers for their innovative designs, durable construction and materials, and their smart charging programs.  They have put everything they know into their new top-rated Deltran Battery Tender 022-0157-1 Waterproof 12 Volt Power Tender Plus Battery Charger.  In addition to being waterproof, it is microprocessor-controlled, very lightweight, shock and vibration resistant, flexible in its battery-type support, has plenty of safety features, and comes with a great warranty.  Here’s what you need to know.

Waterproof Battery Charger: Features

  • 5-Amp, 12-Volt portable smart battery charger and maintainer
  • 4-Stage charging program provides the best charging curve for lead-acid batteries to ensure complete charging, battery reconditioning, and proper automatic, hands-free maintenance
  • Built-in float/maintenance mode maintains batteries at proper charge automatically without overcharging
  • Supports both flooded and sealed, maintenance-free, AGM, lead-acid batteries
  • Safety features include short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection (external in-line fuse), and a 72-hour safety timer
  • Fully-potted design with steel casing protects against moisture, vibration, and shock
  • Comes with a handy, built-in mounting flange so you can mount the charger on or in your vehicle
  • Easy-to-use design is rugged, compact, and powerful
  • This compact and lightweight unit weighs in at less than 4 lbs.
  • 2-Year warranty



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Powerful compared to many battery tenders
  • Mounting capability is handy









Waterproof Battery Charger 



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  • Sif Hai
    Posted October 18, 2016 at 4:33 pm 0Likes

    Hi there,I wanna connect this battery charger to two batteries of two generators at the same time,is that possible?

    • Mark Ridgeway
      Posted October 18, 2016 at 11:17 pm 0Likes

      Hi Sif, it’s possible, but not recommended. Here’s a video that discusses how to do it, but pay special attention to the end where they describe the recommended conditions of the batteries. If the batteries are not the same in some way, it’s not a good idea. Also charging is one thing. If you’re talking about keeping them connected for maintenance purposes using a smart charger, you’re not providing exactly what each battery needs to be maintained. Consider using a 2-bank battery charger/maintainer instead. -Mark

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